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enthusiasm.Therefore, even though the "Street walking"

 tissue and bones do not apply. This propaganda while away some parents also buy Heelys ' enthusiasm.Therefore, even though the "Street walking" lifestyle that many young people would envy, but Heelys marketplace perceptions are not friendly, and lacking a positive lead, consumer attitudes are becoming lukewarm. From the manufacturer's point of view, children's shoes enterprise strategy is appropriate bundling some Heelys, and according to the market reflects the progressive reduction of quantity to prevent negative impacts on brands, which makes the market deserted.Mr Chua had actually experienced the bitterness of this market turns cold. "From last year to this year, Heelys problem though, product sales fell by 80%. "He said.ThinkingWhere is the way out"As the international fashion sport shoes, Heelys safety is tried and tested, and this can be done. But low-quality products, genuine and really hard to ensure consumer safety, doubts about it more and more, these factors make Heelys would inevitably decline. "Industry analysts believe that Heelys experiential movement is very promising in the future, the key is must go through the throes of market, imagined a year ago that shoes just casually

selling less and less likely."We have cooperation and some of the original sports club and, through them, to help us promote the Heelys. "Mr Choi said, because is also engaged in the production of sports safety, and some pulleys Club, links to running clubs. Through this channel, their similar Heelys in Jinjiang, the production is done in a successful enterprise. Although the market is not the business but for which Mr CAI did not intend to give up, they've scored some supermarkets, and with their own promotional video, in order to attract the attention of children's parents. In addition, its also trying to cooperate with some well-known children's shoes to help them manufacture Heelys, rich enterprise original varieties of products."Some people are leaving, and is best left behind, hoping that in the future, through natural selection, resulting in sound production and marketing. "People in the industry expect. "A pair of baby shoes are three hundred or four hundred bucks, it's too expensive now? adult shoes are much better than this,

but the baby can wear for a few days? it's not worth it!" One is buy Sandals for the baby's parents watched and sigh with regret. "You are a bit expensive, but the quality is certainly different. And some parents are directed at the Nike brand to buy, do not consider the price. "The staff told reporters," the little Nike "listed in their shop time is not long, and also for more than a month, and so far, sales can be."Don't look at children's clothing, children's shoes material, the price can be not a bit cheaper than the adult clothing, shoes, especially some brands, a baby dress priced at four hundred or five hundred dollars is normal. "Liu Changyan told reporters that she had at Ginza Mall to buy a dress for 4-year old daughter, spent more than 900 Yuan."Compared with competitive mounted, the child does better make some money: many parents buy children new clothes are more willing to spend money. "People in the industry said. Obviously, higher profits and a broader market spaces, is attracting a large number of adult brands have the

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