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hat makes it difficult to industry regulation

 different from the ordinary athletic shoes and, but the soles turned upwards, can be found in the heel of the sole hides a small pulley."On this shoe, you can walk, or you can slide at any time. Lift the front toes on the line when you want to travel. Instead of skating and skateboarding, wearing Heelys easier to control body weight. Because of its simple and easy to learn, do not need to carry like a skateboard, so it's easy to pop open. "People in the industry say.This reporter learned that, automatic and manual Heelys can be broadly divided into two classes. Automatic, Shoe heels have a button, pulleys can be play a role in close, to close, with the other foot tapping heels button, the wheels can eject. Manual and pulleys when not removed, the time required to manually install."The more orthodox manually, the wheels can be replaced, and prices are generally more expensive. "People in the industry say, Heelys were sold in the Group of older children and young adults are all the rage, and the film star, wearing Heelys appeared in stage

 and screen dramas, is promoting this trend spreading from big cities to small towns. Earlier this year, the Quanzhou trade they could already see the Heelys.Reporters watched a video teaching provided by manufacturers, Heelys, there are various glide, spin, slide, jump, after touching the ground, a variety of gameplay. It is reported that a lot of people will be performing and teaching video and posted it online on people on Baidu Web search "Heelys + video" can find relevant results about 309,000.DilemmaBig brands would not be afraid of being involved destroying imageHeelys are so popular, is strange, almost exclusively engaged in the shoe production are small businesses, Quanzhou, listed in Hong Kong, several sport brands were not involved.Heads of some brands, Mr Lam said: "in fact, Heelys inventions of the past 10 years, inventor of the patented abroad, still during the protected period. Before the patent expires, big brands are usually reluctant to mix it. ”"Now for Heelys in this emerging field, the State does not exist in the relevant

standards. That makes it difficult to industry regulation, and market behavior standardized, some brands took a wait-and-see attitude, dare not put case involving security and other issues, was criticized, would damage the brand image. "Choi, General Manager of Jinjiang sports enterprises, analysts say.Mr Choi is a company with a history of more than 10 years of sports safety manufacturer, industrial chain extended sports safety in recent years, involved in production of Heelys. He said strict manufacturers, total to paraphrase shoes GB/T15107-2005 sneakers, national standards, and wheel form issued in 2005 by the national standard of the skates."Strictly speaking, the standard of skating shoes and sneakers is not applicable to Heelys, production enterprises with a restraining effect on product quality. Now, most involved in the standards adopted Heelys production enterprises have difficulties in harmonizing, some even copied from each other, not really a specification development phase. "Mr Choi said.Reporters from Mr

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