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that attracts many mounted, especially sports

 key to enter the field of children's clothing.So, children how high gross profit margin is? in the wholesale clothing business gave reporters an account of Miss Wang: Lok spent Eleven-Two dollars for wholesale clothing wholesale market, sold for Fifteen-Six dollars at the night market, but once into the regular shopping malls, retails for at least 40 bucks or more. "Clothing is said to have analysts specially calculated, children average gross margin reached 60%, some even more than baifenzhijibai. "Miss Wang said.Average gross margin of more than 60%, such a large profit margin, it is no wonder that attracts many mounted, especially sports brands to join our team. Annual report showed that slowdown of the backlog of inventory, performance and other factors, generally difficult domestic fashion brand, since last year. Which, beauty State clothing 2011 years of inventory for 2.56 billion yuan, accounted for its total assets of 29%, accounted for its 2011 years business income of 25.74%; Sen horse clothing inventory for 1.096

billion yuan, accounted for its total assets of 12.05%; Annunciation bird inventory up 511 million Yuan, accounted for its total assets of 12.51%; and movement brand Lee Ning, and Ann stepped, and 361 ° 2011 years of merchandise inventory also respectively reached has 1.133 billion yuan, and 618 million Yuan and 451 million Yuan.With adult shoes slowed, inventories increased pressure on different children's wear market showed good growth. A case study of Balla Balla, 2011 achieved operating income of 756.9337 million yuan in the first half, an increase of 57.48%, seen from the revenue growth, even more than the parent brand of Balla Balla semir."The pace of children's wear areas increases, one is optimistic about the future potential for development in the area, coupled with the current national children's wear industry there is no strong brand was born, and is also

 an opportunity for brand new growth on the other, 361 ° wishes to adopt multi-branding strategy to boost group performance, forming new profit growth point. "361 ° capital Vice President Chen Yongling in interview with reporters.Quality of worryingChildren's clothing brand-frequency trap "quality Gates"Spending 500 bucks bought the girls dresses, washed a few times pretty lace off, deformation, daughter never again refused to wear waist; boys, more than 1000 Yuan buying sneakers, wearing less than three months, there were quality problems ... ... Interview in the reporter found, despite caused kids worth expensive of causes has many, as: fabric cost high, General will used natural of silk, and cotton, and hair, and Ma,, care children delicate of skin; making standard strictly, cloth in the of formaldehyde content, and PH value, needed after than into loaded more strictly of test processes; production processing more, on process requirements more high etc, but, many price quite high of brand kids, its quality level does not was

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