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such as comfort, shock absorption, skid resistance and balance

 such as comfort, shock absorption, skid resistance and balance. The project will targeting research on children's physiological function and movement characteristics and design shoes featuresOrders will be moved to the target marketIn 2010, the Fujian children's shoe brands have orders will be moved to the target market, regional fair nike air max 90 dam as a leveraged investment tool in the domestic market and a springboard for national market.Secretary-General Chen Shuqing said China Research Center for children's products, early children's nike air max tn dam shoe orders are orders, meeting invited the agents to study under a single, often dozens of persons, small scale, have a very limited impact on regional markets and two agents, radiation cannot be overwritten. Especially for those who want to make a difference in the national market of brands, this mode of operation is undoubtedly

very lagged. So, last year many children's shoe brands began using a variety of ways to improve brand impact and fair model of reform, which would like to further expand the national market of countermeasures taken by the children's shoe brand.Regional fair of form, and according to media reports, through promotion in the early and later-stage investment, bring help is greatly in the regional market. On one hand, enterprises can make agents all over, deep plowing of the regional market, improvement and upgrades help older customers, let new customers begin to understand or even accept the corporate brand and expand the brand in the local market share and brand awareness. The other hand, through field visits, accelerate mutual communication and experience sharing among dealers at all levels, speed up image store terminals, Terminal layout of channels such as team building, advancing the Terminal sales.Adopt this mode of effective ordering of ABC, Yong Gao ren, Tinker Bell, Lu Bao, Yu-super large children's shoe brands, along with its

regional fair held, team management, terminal building of its regional markets, brand operation ability is enhanced, and provided samples for the functioning of the domestic market supports.Establishment of foots of the child databaseNational projects for the benefit of the China children and teenagers ' foot research database of the census in 2010 to enter the simulation stage, this is the first census of foots of the child activity, the start of the project it also means, our children's shoe production into an industry standard test data age.According to the project of idea who and the head, and national leather and business shoes industry productivity promoting Center Technology Director qiuli introduced, this is China only one by one times specifically for China children feet type of research, the project will fill China in children feet type data aspects of blank, cover China children shoes field feet and last, and feet and shoes of relationship of theory aspects of insufficient, conducive to upgrade China children shoes of comfortable

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