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Obama wrote to 20G group, let 18 country together forced

boss made a big joke. From the big trends, exports pick up is not necessarily a good thing, on the contrary, Europe, just find an excuse, to pressure China to make RMB appreciation. On June 18, 2010, Obama wrote to 20G group, let 18 country together forced Yuan appreciation; September 16, United States Treasury long nike free 5.0 dam Geithner in Congress House held of Yuan currency hearing Shang said, United States will and other national teamed up to China pressure, and hinted this round Yuan appreciation range at least should reached 20%; September 24, United States House Fundraising Committee approved has nike free run 2 dam for China currency problem of a items Bill, according to this items Bill, If a country's currency was identified as artificially low, United States Government the right to impose punitive tariffs on goods from the country. Is externally under such tremendous pressure, soaring price of the RMB exchange rate. Coupled with the dollar's recent sharp depreciation, appreciation of the Yuan against the dollar to continue passive is inevitable. Although Premier

Wen Jiabao said on September 22, continued appreciation of the Yuan 20% will cause serious unemployment problems in China, sparking social unrest. Does it turn off the United States what? this is what they want, right?At present, most of the exported shoe factory can afford about appreciation of RMB 3%, 3% in the rate of appreciation will make their profitability declined by about 50%. With a $ 1 million order, for example, when the contract is signed, the dollar-Yuan exchange rate is 1:6.8, 2 months later, the exchange rate was 1:6.6, spread of 0.2 Yuan, the profit was reduced by 200,000 yuan. By this order, its total profits but also about three hundred thousand or four hundred thousand Yuan. According to an authoritative report, 70% per cent of exporters can afford letting its currency rise below 4%. However, the more serious is, in the coming year, the domestic

(especially coastal city) minimum wages will be increased 1 time. If that were to become a reality, then, 80% per cent of exported shoes factory closures were not unfounded.How to avoid exchange rate risksThe so-called "soldier to block punches" in today's situation, in order to survive, businesses came up with many of the law., Deferred deliveryDelayed delivery of orders is short and take the simplest and most effective method.A shoe export enterprises in Wenzhou in August just with a United States customers sign a batch of orders, provides delivery within 3 months. But he never thought that, from September 13 continued appreciation of the Renminbi, if delivery immediately, now that companies do not earn a penny, so the company has been dragged, wants to wait until the RMB exchange rate has come down. But I estimate that the boss can't wait till this day, I'm afraid.Even though deferred delivery can solve today's pressing need, but it is not a long-term solution, if the Yuan continues to appreciate, so better also means losing more.

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