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in the low-end OEM products, bargaining power is weak

 Second, increase the unit priceAt present, China's exports of footwear industry 90% more enterprise is in the low-end OEM nike free 3.0 v4 dam products, bargaining power is weak with foreign manufacturers. Compared with China, Viet Nam, and India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries of the labour-intensive industries, has a great competitive advantage in price, means lost orders, raising product prices in China market. Chinese shoe industry at end of international subcontracting chains, under layers of pressed, nike free 4.0 v2 dam price is easier said than done, but must raise it can't lose money.Business owners said the export enterprises for old customers cooperation for many years, if you need large quantities of orders, according to the previous price, scale effect, reducing procurement costs for raw materials. If only small orders, price around 5%. In addition, recommend new products to customers as far as possible, the new price is 10%, European and American customers can accept. But for new customers, in all prices. If the enterprise can improve the functionality

of our products, and years of experience into the patent, even if it's just a simple practical buttons or soles, for businesses to raise prices would also help.Third, reduce costsFrom their own inner potential, reduce production cost is the best way.1. some companies visiting the United States, the direct participation in fairs in Europe and by exhibitors directly for customers, some agents link in international markets, to cut costs and save money.2. to transfer the production chain to the Midwest, also one of the measures taken by enterprises to reduce costs.However, these cost savings may be offset with the increase of workers ' wages. Four, the use of financial instruments to avoid exchange rate riskEnterprises avoid exchange rate risk for some financial instruments, forward foreign exchange clearing clients financial institutions, in order to avoid exchange rate risk.However, currently exporting shoe used financial hedging products to avoid exchange rate appreciation of the operational risk is less. For example, in 2009 China

 export and credit insurance penetration rate is about 9.7%, lower than the world average of 15%, there is less low coverage, service stations, overall capacity in the market because of the low. Insurance financial hedging products was the main reason for the low variety, and rate is far too high.At present, most of the domestic small and medium shoe enterprises believe that these financial products were so complex, boss has avoided directly without knowing, consciousness of local SME banking's financial services are failing to keep up with, it takes a lot of small and medium private enterprises seeking a way out.Stronger yuan makes Chinese exports cheap competitive advantage lost, but at the same time as the spur to export-oriented shoe transformation of export-oriented economy, enhance innovation capability, improving the added-value of products. Zheng Jianrong, Deputy Director of the provincial foreign trade and economic cooperation of Guangdong, "said Yuan appreciation will directly reduce exports. From Guangdong, we have a

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