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injection of Jinjiang brand is fully capable of,

is opening stores in Shanghai, Beijing Central business district, the effect is immediate, and after an injection of Jinjiang brand is fully capable of, not only funds but also in terms of professional teams, can be supported on a city lot to nike free run 3 dam set up shop. To promote internationalizationAfter the foothold in the domestic market, part of Quanzhou sportswear brand began to reach overseas in recent years. Location not far from neighboring Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia market a sneaker brand, expand overseas bridgeheads in Quanzhou.Following a special step to sign after the Premier League, said company President Ding Shuibo, in nike roshe run sverige addition to the established plans to open a shop, the company will be 100 points to set up businesses abroad.In June this year, xtep (China) limited in Wanhua District, Taipei City downtown stores opened, suggesting that the Mainland's first independent sports stores in the Taipei area, Fujian and garment enterprises expand the Taiwan market has taken an important step.Peak Group Chairman Xu Jingnan in

Eastern Europe to investigate after the end, also said it was considering stores opened peak to Eastern Europe. "The Eastern European market as consumption levels in Western Europe there are still gaps in the market, is suitable for domestic brands attempt to infiltrate Europe. ”Local sports brand to go out is not difficult to explain, xtep signed Premier League, NBA pick in hand, demonstrates the domestic brands are starting to integrate the use of global marketing communications resources.Analysis persons think, "in early, domestic brand integration using international marketing resources of purposes is upgrade brand in domestic of brand advantage, through signed international marketing resources to effective carried out native of market competition; but with these brand competitiveness of further strengthened, is bound to considered to further effective output brand of while maximize using these international marketing spread resources, China brand to overseas opened shop is these brand strategy development of must results. "Export

 shoes hard to surviveHC shoe network on November 9 from 2005 currency reform to the 2008 financial crisis, relying on export-oriented Taiwan shoe factory environment has been devastated, shoe factory, the average profit from 20%, dropped to below 4%. More than half of the export-oriented enterprises are already in this short 5 years was eliminated, without the collapse of enterprises, also is shrinking quite terrible, living very difficult.For example, used to have 1,000 workers at a shoe factory, 3 lines, but now only 300, 1 line. Is actually the same 3 factories make up less than 1 before the size of the factory, actually has 2 factories have been closed down.Many of this year's exports pick up to a shoe factory in confidence, but I still didn't Shoemaker laugh out, the exchange rate began to exceed 6.7, and soared to 6.64 per cent, it is these poor

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