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on August 25 at present, a national charity project of the China children and teenagers ' foot research database collection and tests are in the pipeline, several children's shoes in Quanzhou enterprises is to discuss the project. Organizers said the database of fill gaps in current children's shoes low technical level of enterprises, nike free run dam lack of technical content of products of industry, science and technology marketing (technology hype) is larger than the phenomenon such as scientific research, promote the comprehensive upgrading of technology in Quanzhou, a children's shoe industry.Industry consolidation efforts in creating nike air max 1 dam a foot type databaseAccording to participating organizations the project preparatory studies Liu he, General Manager of marketing planning introduced Chen Shuqing, the build of the project will be the country's first large-scale collection of data on children's foot, is one of our children including foot, feet, growth, health and other aspects of a complete investigation. Type sampling using random sampling, sampling and cluster

sampling approach of combining three ways, including store random sampling and kindergartens, schools and other types of sampling and cluster sampling. "Foot type data in the database will continue to grow, need regular foot change and the health situation of children in China white paper published. In addition, organizers will be based on business needs, athletes foot measurement in children, such as table tennis, basketball and other special athletes, provide the basis for developing young athletes wore the shoes in China. "He said.He mentioned that children's sneaker in China to produce OEM and affordable products, brand names without the leading brand of consumer diversity and product homogenization of serious. After a dozen years rapid development and brand exposure in the market, formed a part of Fujian province leading enterprise brands, led by camp, but judging from

the overall competition in the industry, enterprise technology and low product lacks the technical content, and sales (technology hype) is larger than the research, make brand management evolved into get rich quick speculation, affects the overall image of children's athletic shoes products. In such a market situation, a small portion of own-brand business, fighting for the right to life, can drive down sales prices in order to seek development. Is one of the means to keep prices down, constantly squeezing producers of raw-material prices. This vicious cycle, led directly to the product quality stability, further exacerbated the sneaker brand, the survival of the child hard. Database creation, will fill in the foots of the child data gap and provide reference data for

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