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measure, the Yuan appreciated if that year reached 3%

 measure, the Yuan appreciated if that year reached 3%, then the foreign trade export reduces of 20 billion yuan, which means that nike air max 90 dam corporate profits were reduced by 20 billion dollars. "He advises enterprises to speed up the transformation and upgrading, improving product competitiveness, raise prices right to air max tn dam Lang more deserving enterprises concerned-he said: in the medium and long term, enterprises should pay attention to "3+1" consolidation, that is, "order processing retail + wholesale + + production" integration in the short term, businesses should understand the crisis earlier and maintain maximum flexibility. HC shoe network on August 26, a few days ago, a national charity project "China children's foot research database" collection and tests are in the pipeline, several children's shoes in Quanzhou enterprises are integrating efforts in creating children's foot type database.It was involved in organizing the project preparatory studies Liu he, General Manager of marketing planning Chen Shuqing revealed, database

 creation, will fill in the foots of the child data gap and provide reference data for children's shoe industry, and to improve the comfort of the shoes, the right foot, health and promoting children's shoe industry in Quanzhou full upgrade.Chen Shuqing introduces the build of the project will be the country's first large-scale collection of data on children's foot, but also for our children including foot, feet, growth, health and other aspects of a comprehensive survey.It is understood that the type of the data sampled by random sampling, sampling and cluster sampling approach of combining three ways, including store random sampling and kindergartens, schools and other types of sampling and cluster sampling.With the foot types of the data in the database continues to grow, need regular foot change and the health situation of children in China white paper published.

 In addition, organizers will be based on business needs, athletes foot measurement in children, such as table tennis, basketball and other special athletes, provide the basis for developing young athletes wore the shoes in China.Reporters learned from the industry, the current "China children's foot research database" established by the Quanzhou and Zhejiang children's shoe company actively cooperate with and support.Wing master brand marketing Center Director Dai Xinqi said, because children, especially young children on the toe of the shoe is not able to accurately express, foot shoe selection is the necessary means to provide shoes for children. Children's shoe business in Quanzhou at the foot of the acquisition and research actively engaged in a series of moves, is a crucial technological breakthrough will remove the sneakers for children's health in China's "technological threshold", swiftly of domestic children's sneaker technology.Finally, Chen Shuqing said the project will be officially launched in September. HC shoe network

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