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feel difficult to do business"Business is tough!

 this reporter interviewed the operators of some domestic sportswear brands in our city.Stores generally feel difficult to do business"Business is tough! "Veteran sports brand" Li Ning "store owner Lee straight to an exclamation point, he has been doing this for more than 10 years, business has become more difficult in recent years, adidas zx 630 shoes  especially starting from the second half of last year, business was light, although currently without an abacus, estimates sales have dropped as much as about 20%.Mr LEE said, when business has opened 6 stores, has now been "Li Ning" brand into 4, 2 other used women's clothing brands.Press survey found that business is much more than "lining"."Business is not good, buy adidas toe touch  especially since last year, and fewer people buy! "A Chinese sportswear brand in nanyuan road store, a saleswoman said.Nanyuan road, another domestic brand store said sales this year than the same period last year declined by about half, especially starting from the second half of last year, business was light a lot."Anta" brand shop owner Mr

introduction over the past two years, sales did fall, the store was reduced from the previous 8 to 7, fortunately, the overall situation is considered a virtuous circle.It is understood that the Chinese sports brand marketing in my city, like many cities across the country, the rise in the last century 90 's, because of this kind of market is a blank period, OEM, OEM manufacturers throughout the case, all kinds of sportswear brand successfully seize the landing and sales available "brilliant" Word to describe. , Operators of some old, I said, "as long as the purchase, is guaranteed to make money, there is no inventory problems. ”According to statistics, the city total of Li Ning, Jordan, peak and Anta, elegant birds, hongxing Polk, deerhui etc more than more than more than 10 Chinese sportswear brand.Fixed loss of consumer groups"T-29 and sneakers from USD 39 ... ..." open some domestic sportswear brand sales Web pages, a variety of sneakers on sale clothing on the market discount rate below 50 percent, some specials discounts

 as low as one or two off, it is no wonder that many people call "the price of cabbage.""A new 90 percent on sales, Group buys 80 percent or even lower. But compared to some customers and shop just inside the door, yelling at we sell you. "Shengli Street introduced a store clerk, sports apparel inventory pressure, many of the new products are listed at a discount, now promotion has not just holidays, everyday the same, but with net purchase wind, many customers began to abandon the physical store, Internet treasure."I don't know why, a few years ago a number of regular foreign clientele is dwindling, many customers are not coming anymore. "Nanyuan road, a store clerk said.Confucius said, under the influence of economic conditions, the city nearly two years of poor performance of many enterprises, reducing foreign workers, part of the fixed source leading to a

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