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in net profit of about 8%.In 2012, the Belle is 4.352 billion

in net profit of about 8%.In 2012, the Belle is 4.352 billion yuan in net profit, just 2.3% per cent on the year, after net profit for many years to maintain growth of over 20%. In fact, the Belle 2012 first-half net profit rose 11.7%. In this calculation, negative growth in its net profit in the second half of last year has begun.Back to OEM OEM businessBaocheng, Belle and other shoe giant's life uncomfortable, small and medium shoe is  adidas energy boost women   more difficult.Following an addition, Zafira, multimodal transport, and other shoe after the closure or removal, Dongguan shoe still come in one or two years to close down or move to another place. Alnwick in Asia (00645. HK) for creating a business to turn a profit, decided to discontinue the sports and leisure footwear manufacturing business, in Dong Guan factory was closed in late January this year.Recently, a shoe company

boss Wu Dongguan (a pseudonym), pointing to his factory across from the plant told reporters, the shoe factory had collapsed more than a year, the plant has been unable to rent out. Subject to foreign markets this year cyclical adjustment and internal structural adjustment dual change, collapse in new orders, probably won't be able to get rid of the closure of the factory of his own destiny."Factory expenses each month to more than 4 million Yuan, 500,000 gap repair next month, our factory would be closed. "Wu told reporters that recently several shoe suppliers old door-to-door Dunning, his partner went out to run away from, adidas energy boost running shoes  and he even mortgaged her daughter's House, but still to no avail, and his partners have invested 100 million Yuan could skip at any time.In Dongguan have engaged in shoes-making industry for more than 20 years of the Wu forces, transformation and upgrading of rapid development after the financial crisis, shifting from high-volume OEM production of small quantities of independent design research and

development, and domestic water. Now, fleeing the high-end shopping malls have opened 25 stores in China, sales of approximately 20 million dollars a year."Tailwinds are used before and therefore lack the awareness of risk monitoring. Do not know how deep the water, but hit the worst of times, the export market is tanking. Zhiqian, well-known shopping centre in barriers to entry are very high, often before I go into the shop to send 200,000 yuan red packet. With the market downturn, many high-end malls are now forced to swallow, actively courting brands, and monthly sales of guaranteed minimum amounts reduced from 200,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan. More recently, Shanghai has an upscale Mall is waving to us, Super differential treatment, one year rent-free, 20% 's advice, I was unable to provide more than 100,000 dollars in renovation costs in a dilemma. "Wu very reluctantly,

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