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pricing to sales. First three quarters of fiscal year 2013

 pricing to sales. First three quarters of fiscal year 2013, Nike greater China revenue fell 6%, Nike says this is due to reduced orders as a result of retail inventory.Li Ning (02331. HK), Anta sports (02020. HK), 361 (01361. HK), adidas climacool ride cheap  Olympic sports (01968. HK) and sports (01368.HK) and other five local sports brands, following last year's total off 3,800 stores later this year, discounts, inventory liquidation continued. Guangzhou Dong-sports city specials have become brands such as Li-Ning, peak turns to clear inventory positions, Li-Ning sneakers minimum even when they hit 20 percent.Sneakers high inventories not only women 's, markets are saturated. Belle shoes leading enterprises (01880. HK, hereinafter "the Belle") status of words of optimism, at the end of December 2012, inventories reached 7.033 billion yuan.Hundred Li official website flagship shop in this year July 29 ~8 months 3rd held summer Sandals clearance 20 percent up of promotions activities, and hundred Li its excellent purchased network also while settled

dangdang a anniversary Zhiji made up anniversary big promoting, hundred Li its including hundred Li, and he she, and days destiny, and SI Cato, and Yin ne son, multiple brand all participation, audience 20 percent up, and part Sandals folding Shang full 399 Yuan again reduction 100 Yuan, this year most pop of Yin ne son gem glue summer paragraph shoes minimum only needed 59 Yuan."In terms of e-commerce channels,adidas climacool ride womens  mainly 40~100 shoes sale are hard to sell and move more than 200 Yuan. Belle even sell online but the Red dragonfly, brands such as aokang because Wenzhou shoes cheaper. "Says a shoe Manager, told reporters, taking a high-end line Belle also had to sell by date" cabbage ".Belle does not belong to the initiative to expand e-commerce type of shoe, which determined Belle wouldn't break with the pattern of offline, online as a supplement. No special customized products for online shopping, Belle you purchased network to some extent offline product to clear inventory positions, online shopping business to grow bigger. Not long ago,

 you buy network Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Xu Lei, Xie Yunli and other top executives have quit.Of a weak retail environment, with increased competition and the impact of e-commerce, Belle also appears below the line is weak. Currently owns 18,316 stores in mainland China (including footwear 12,532) Belle, the second-quarter same-store growth in footwear this year only 0.5%, same-store sales growth in the sports apparel business is 2.5%.Securities analyst Guo Jiayao believes that Belle is currently 4.3% only at the end of last year the total number of stores, down from management 10%/store targets, given the current sales environment is weak, or cut open a shop of the company objectives. Belle interim results will be released in mid-August, footwear sales were weak and rising staff costs and other factors, the market expected annual setback

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