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time.In order to survive, has for years engaged in OEM

 because his hand is out of real estate properties available for mortgage loans.Wu had a Bill, if you could open up to 100 stores, sales of 300 million Yuan, profit of about 30%, but this process requires a lot of financial backing and his companies now face the possibility of capital chain rupture at any time.In order to survive, adidas springblade razor uk  has for years engaged in OEM OEM Wu now eats up the back, join Rob "cabbage price" of export orders. "To get government aid had little chance, must try to survive on your own. United States orders is very cheap, but volume is very large, if not at this stage make any profit or you can keep the plant's daily expenses, until the economy improves and then in the long run. "In Wu's view, better flexibility for SMEs, innovation and brand still has some advantages, he still did not give up his brand vision."Footwear headquarters base in the

 world," where is the anterior?On the bus from Guangzhou to Dongguan, with 45 seats, sat less than 10 people seem a bit empty. Past, the 45-seater bus, basically dragged boxes Pack of people filled up most of the space, and often full.After entering the Dongguan bus station, looks extremely desolate, bus driver or even take the chance of playing snooze."They go up? 3500 dollars a month may not be enough to find workers. "One shoe industry veteran of more than 20 years in Dongguan shoe boss issued such a sigh and his house more than 800 employees at a shoe factory is also in the midst of crumbling. Told the newspaper in adidas js wings 2.0 mens  an interview, he wasn't in his Office, opting on the side of the shoe in the showroom. Because he doesn't want any door-to-door Dunning of vendor interference.He survived the 2008 financial crisis, although the past few years has been trying to get rid of fate for others to do the wedding dress factory. However, in the face of new economic cycle adjustments, he could "heroes are not paid before they die". High

 manufacturing costs, high cost of channel development, coupled with shrinking export markets squeezed this year, interest in transformation and upgrading of the road, not to get down, capital chain rupture can occur at any time.Gracious hospitality, as he mourned, two or three years ago, often spend thousands of Yuan to invite friends for dinner today because they are not willing to take out 1000 Yuan for small parts and his BMW car "breaks" in the factory, driver has been sent to another postHC shoe-v, "51" during the may day holiday, wants high school CHAN's son to buy a tracksuit, he and his wife travel to several Chinese sports apparel brand stores, found that compared with previous years, despite increased promotions, but the business wasn't flourishing, not many guests, the clerks does not seem in high spirits."Looks like Yongkang businesses also were affected! "Chen said he learned from the media over the past two years, several major domestic sports brand sales are in decline, 2013 is facing a severe test.Recently,

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