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began to gradually consolidate its original distributor system

 began to gradually consolidate its original distributor system, and formed a business--import-Office-Terminal (shopping malls, adidas climacool boat shoes uk  stores, supermarkets) selling model.Which makes it stand out from the industrial chain of footwear manufacturers, laid the groundwork for its eventual listing.Just before the offering, parent company of LV GroupArnault subscribe for HK $ 234.6 million (approximately US $ 30 million) shares of Belle international, owned Cephei CDH Fund has subscribed 78.2 million Hong Kong dollars (about 10 million dollars) of shares.Based on the offering price calculation, Belle international funds donated HK $ 8.66 billion. If the exercise of the over-allotment option, then funds will reach 9.955 billion Hong Kong dollars, total market capitalization will amount to HK $ 52.35 billion became HKEx's largest listed retail companies in the Mainland.According to the prospectus, adidas basket profi up black  the fundraising 27% to 31% will be used for the expansion plan. Belle International Holdings CEO Sheng Bai pepper said in a video conference in London over

 the next few years to rely mainly on existing business development, did not rule out making acquisitions and acquire objects need to cooperate with business, international, and are aligned with shareholders ' interests.In addition, some one-fourth of the funds raised will be used to open new stores. Sheng Bai pepper said, the group plans to open approximately 1000 new shops in the Mainland every year, shops operating an existing business, plans were refurbished once every three years, including the establishment of more retail Sport shop. Get rid of the associatedFor many Hong Kong people are concerned, they are French in origin, "pretty woman" meaning of Belle (Belle) brands are not familiar with. But the mention of Staccato and Joy&Peace, no one does not know.In Hong Kong, thought Cato belonging to Belle International (Staccato) and really beautiful poem (Joy&Peace) is a footwear retailer beauty Bao (1179,HK) for sale. Beautiful treasure close relationship with Belle, Deng Yao's strong beauty Bao and Deng Deng Weilin, Chairman of

Lin's cousin. Belle's important brand day kindness (Teenmix) was purchased in 2003 from beautiful treasure.Early 70 's of the last century, Deng's family a few brothers to start a business. Deng Qianglin founded in Hong Kong and Deng Weilin beautiful treasure. Deng Yao Belle trademark was registered at that time.1996 first listed beautiful treasure, Deng Yao than shareholders, and served as a Vice President. In fact, parent company-beautiful treasure-Tang business AG was initially proposed by Deng Yao, Deng Weilin, Deng Qianglin, four family members holding a total of 25% shares, the family-controlled company, also owns 48.09% shares of beautiful treasures in 2004.In November 1999, the beautiful treasures by acquiring control of another company BestQuality, prior to the introduction of financial investor in Belle, BestQuality Belle international for all of the shares held. Beautiful treasure, Deng Yao Sheng Bai peppers through intermediary companies hold s

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