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economical brands.Zero point investigation company

"The trend was very evident in the Chinese market, the survey shows, Anta still belongs to the economical brands.Zero point investigation company President Yuan Yue said: "Anta, duplicity, the Reebok Sports brand in China's second-division, Anta problem is customer loyalty is low, low combined spending power. adidas original trainers uk  Anta on high-end products cannot compete with Nike, Li Ning and low-end products in a small part of the competition. Second group of products with the first group of a large gap, but with the third group, the gap is very small, so if no clear direction in terms of market positioning and brand value is likely to fall. "Brought to market" the glass slipper "?One banker involved in the offering said Belle landed in h-shares was blocked for some time, because the relevant authorities had reservations about private enterprise listed in Hong Kong, "two reasons, one is that China's foreign exchange reserves is too high, a-shares made by the second suggests that these private enterprises coming back. "Said Belle ultimately

 had no choice a-shares, is reluctant to line up missed time window, at the same time, the Hong Kong market's listings in greater number.After a series of ownership changes, Belle international ownership structure eventually settled before the offering. Deng Yao, 72 years old and their families directly and indirectly controls the Belle of 43% shares; 55 Sheng Bai pepper controlled directly or indirectly by selling about 8.4%.Previously, Deng's family, and Sheng Bai pepper concerted action agreement was signed on September 18, 2006, the two sides have absolute control of the Belle. As for the Morgan Stanley Fund and CDH investments, mens mizuno wave prophecy 3  still holds 4% shares. At present, the two companies at the Belle international, a non-Executive Director.On May 9, the first day of Belle international public offering, the a-share index broke above the historic 4,000-points mark to close at 4013.09 points. The same day, the Hang Seng index rose 101.56 points to close at 20449.43 points.Investment bankers said, given the public offer Belle was 60 times

oversubscribed on the first day, its international placing also was 10 times oversubscribed, so exercise the overallotment option is a distinct possibility.According to the prospectus, Belle would extend 27%-31% to raise funds for the project, including its acquisition of companies or strategic partner alliances. Belle International Holdings CEO Sheng Bai pepper before the Conference, said, now business acquisition needs to be considered whether there are synergies, whether or not within the scope of the management team's ability to integrate.In addition, Belle said, some 24%-25% of the funds raised will be used to open new stores, including increased market share and expand its market share in two or three cities, plans to open 1000 new stores each year, including the establishment of more retail Sport shop. In addition, Belle promises to distribute dividends annually plans of consolidated profit attributable to shareholders of about 20%-30%. But critics fear that, Belle stores too fast, and the consumption power of mainland two or three

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