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hearingAfter these ownership changes over the period


37% shares.Just because Belle and beautiful treasure inseparable ties, making Belle frustrated on several occasions during the listing process.Deng Yao, Belle international listing of the top priority was to eliminate the influence of associated companies. In December 2004, Deng Yao Tang enterprises AG shares held by them transferred to Deng Weilin, Deng Qianglin, three people on average, is no longer the beautiful treasure adidas climacool ride cheap  shareholders.From 2005 onwards, Deng Yao through the issuance of new shares in the form of introducing strategic investors, constantly diluted BestQuality holds shares in Belle. After a series of maneuvers, until June 2006, BestQuality equity holdings were diluted to 17.6%. Strategic investor holds Belle international equity 11.6%, management will own equity 70.8%.At this point, the beautiful treasure indirect stake in Belle is only 5.3%. Beautiful treasure specially issued a bulletin announced that Belle will no longer use BestQuality affiliates accounted for.Optional after the relationship clear

 and beautiful treasure, Belle international listing is on the countdown.On several occasions the hearingAfter these ownership changes over the period, prior to the IPO, Deng Yao and his family directly or indirectly owns 43% shares of Belle international, Sheng Bai pepper directly and indirectly held 8.4% shares. After the IPO, Deng Yao will hold 34% shares, making him and its concerted action by people of Sheng Bai pepper, still make sure that the control of Belle.Prior to financial investors holding shares of Belle international teams owned by Morgan Stanley, CDH Fund (CDH, and MSI, and MSII) only the sale of old adidas climacool ride womens  shares will at least get HK $ 500 million in earnings. In September 2005, Morgan Stanley He Dinghui contribution of 23.66 million Hong Kong dollars, respectively, call Belle 9860 new shares, total shares 4% per cent each.Involvement of strategic investors, accelerated the pace of Belle international mergers and acquisitions and expansion. Data show that from 1992 to 2005, Belle shop about a year more than 170 companies.

Since September 2005, Belle international stores soared by 1419.Offer statistics, 2006 Belle's total assets reached 4.445 billion Hong Kong dollars, grew by 177%. Meanwhile, its base capacity in Shenzhen and Dongguan, increased in 2004 from 7.3 million in 2006 to 11.5 million pairs. But fast growth in profits, has also caused Hong Kong Stock Exchange's listing Committee, which questioned.According to the stock exchange listing rules, companies before 3 years of profit, should not include acquisitions and other special projects. These special items will be judged is not conducive to investors for the company's profitability. People familiar with the matter said, Belle was first submitted the offer documents, related acquisition matters disclosed do not detail on income and profits quickly increased and no more explanation."But its contribution to profits in the business, and did not touch ' to be a significant share of profit contribution ' red line. "These parties," even so, Belle at least 3 hearing, reassuring Belle grabbed the opportunity,

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