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important consideration in cooperation with factories making Nike

 important consideration in cooperation with factories making Nike Basketball shoe brands such as production advantages, produces a relative expert in domestic brand of basketball shoes. Anta, an important group of productive mizuno wave prophecy 3 uk cooperative enterprises in Guangdong baoyuan, the companies have more than more than 100 production lines, as well as Nike, converse, adidas and other brand OEM. Do not involve intellectual property rights within the context of Anta with Nike in the country producing almost the same line, just slightly different footwear materials, "this is where we are more professional than other national brands."At the time of branding, Anta tightly bundled together with basketball. In 2003, the ANTA started the sponsorship Lithuania basketball "molodaya gvardiya" Poseidon Basketball Club in November 2004, Anta announced over the next three years the sole sponsor of the Chinese Basketball Association CBA League, a three-year sponsorship of up to 60 million dollars, projected investment in marketing, product development, such as

 the counterpart funds women's mizuno wave prophecy 2  a total of over 120 million Yuan.Compared to the ANTA clear and focused brand positioning, ambiguity was once glory of double star brands the main causes of poor performance in recent years. Double Star Director of publicity, Zhang said: "binary position is from the low end to the high end of the shoe, from sneakers to shoes line simultaneously. ”Economic and practical bottleneck of the brand's marketAlthough Anta emergence in the Chinese market just a few years, but we still can not help but take precautions.According to the survey by the MunderCapitalManagement company, China's Athletic Shoe market of US $ 500 million, and the United States for $ 7.5 billion, space is still very large in the Chinese market. It is for this reason, the world famous brands of sneakers began in 2003 have been heavily armed formations in China. But none of them is not a master of manufacturing trends and branding.End of 2004, the multinational collective started to permeate to the marketing wars in China, in the building of marketing

channel has invested a lot of effort. Currently, adidas has more than more than 500 stores in China, new balance through strategic cooperation with agents, covering more than 80 cities across the country for a short time ... ... Meanwhile, other Jinjiang brands and store building, on a pedestrian street in Changsha, sneaker stores up to 7, including Jinjiang brand to reach 5. If you lose the great advantage of sales outlets, Anta, how to deal with the attack from both sides?Secondly, the "Star + advertising" had not turned, how sports marketing? In fact, the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Anta's celebrity endorsement is not outstanding.Anta in professional and technical services focused on sync up with Nike, according to United States Sports Association's survey, street on sports science and technology in recent years has become less and less attention. Philip Kotler: "sneaker has become an important fashion representatives, it is said, when girls were boys invited to go on a date, we must first look at each other wearing sneakers.

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