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profound impact on industry structure. Belle before listing

cities and big cities there are still large gaps, which poses a risk to Belle's future earnings.At present, China's footwear market is still highly fragmented, the industry leader after Belle listed will have a profound impact adidas amberlight up sneaker  on industry structure. Belle before listing, and holds famous brands "Daphne" eternal grace International (SEHK code: 0210), with "banner" brand of hongguo International (Singapore Exchange) are listed and Anta, shoes footwear, such as the mainland China and Hong Kong also is limbering up, waiting for the timing. Analysis of the industry, capital markets when hot, footwear market in China is growing rapidly from the industrial economy to a Geometry class of capital-economic changes, further concentration of market share can be expected. In order to obtain listing status, Belle international equity associations under the control of a few years to get out. Now, the bird cage, access to the international capital of the much sought after"Unlisted (beautiful) desire, there is no listing (beautiful)." With this adaptation of Belle shoes

 slogan to describe Belle International Holdings Limited (1880,HK, hereinafter referred to as Belle) listing stories, just right. On May 23 the biggest women's shoe retailer will officially lands in h-shares of the mainland market.May 14 end of Belle offering, priced at HK $ 6.20 ceiling and the freezing of assets over $ 433.7 billion. Breakthroughs in one fell swoop last year, ICBC's listing (1398,HK) hit a record of 415.6 billion Hong Kong dollars. Behind the record is toast of investment institution Morgan Stanley, CDH, also Louis Vuitton parent company help boxing, and "Asia's Warren" Lee Shau-Kee, a helping hand.This highly adidas amberlight trainers  sought after companies, but a lot of suffering before it goes. Outside the hearing in addition to at least three times, to bypass relationship equity, was eligible for listing, for as long as several years of capital maneuvers. Through the details of Belle international listing, it is not difficult to tease out the context of the integration of industry and capital, private enterprises that are eager to

 open the channels of capital markets ...If ya gettin ' downProspectus showed that Belle is headquartered in Shenzhen, with Belle, the days of destiny (Teenmix), thought Cato (Staccato) and eight other footwear brand stores. It's also Nike (Nike), adidas (Adidas) in China's largest sports shoe Distributor.Currently, Belle international in more than 150 cities in the Mainland has more than 2,800 women shoes shops, more than 1000 sneaker stores, and in Hong Kong, Macau and the United States has 35 retail stores. Has a chain of Chinese shoe industry's largest proprietary network and multi-branding strategy, have been an important reason for this offering to attract eyeballs.Belle was founded in the early 70 's of the last century. Belle Chairman Deng Yao is 70 years old this year, from more than 20 years old apprentice, a lifetime dealing with shoes. Belle was originally only sold shoes to Hong Kong, with the retail business in the Mainland is gradually opening up, Belle international a licence to retail business,
hares in the BestQuality30%, 27%, 6%, other passive investors hold the remaining

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