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Only 10% per cent of world sales of the Adidas company

 Only 10% per cent of world sales of the Adidas company is their powerful opponents.Nike now seem to have confidence in its biggest rival to it in the dust. Nike's net income in the most recent fiscal quarter man-made l million $ 13.4 million, rose as much as 364%, while Reebok has no such record. Nike has removed it from the main market of a women's fitness wear. It was hard to enter and seize the mainstream business, adidas amberlight up sneaker  basketball shoes and sports eye. Other new markets, such as mountaineering clothing and outdoor activities equipment market, and its grasp of. Reebok second quarter profit of 60 cents per share last year, down from 40 cents after, ' announced cut 175 jobs, in order to achieve plans to save $ 75 million a year. Sporting classics magazine, Publisher of sporting goods intelligence yuehan?huolan said: "I must say that Reebok probably had no chance of catching up with Nike in the near future. ”Recruiting conqueringCopy the kuili?aonier, this surprisingly tall basketball player at Louisiana State University, announced

 in 1992 that he was at the end of first-year University drafted into the NBA. Apparently, over 7-foot-tall, 300-pound Shaq will become the size signboards in the professional basketball players, a living Billboard. ' Offered to sign 5-year contract with him, spending about $ 15 million on the condition that he wear Reebok clothing. Then the 20-year old man received a let him visit Nike's invitation. Accompanied by his stepfather and agent, he is wearing a jacket to the Nike company, jacket with a big Reebok logo on the back. Knight said: "this whole kind of ridiculous attitude, we can't sign him anyway. ”It is signing this thing are really the opening shot in a war between Nike and Reebok, which compete for the United adidas amberlight trainers  States public's hearts, minds and legs. Prior to that, Reebok has attracted the attention of Knight, but by then the two companies ' routine of swimming, and it's not tit-for-tat. They also have fundamental similarities: both in the footwear and sports apparel business, both in low-wage countries do have a large production base.

 But Nike's emphasis is placed on the male athlete or will become the juvenile male athletes on providing high value, high quality products. While Reebok's primary market is the tight sportswear for women, it's product line also includes some inexpensive casual footwear. Around 1990, after Nike regain earnings leader in the top spot, ' beginning to Nike's strength launched a surprise attack in the market, such as men's sports apparel market. ' To improve his product development budget and invite a bunch of consultants to help broaden the appeal of his products. In addition, entered school Nike marketing strategy, he also decided to rely on his own from signing big name stars, for his signature. Nike caught Agassi on tennis and bide?sangpulasi; with Michael Chang Reebok signed the contract, he is in the fast-growing Asian markets attractive, it also with 14 year old African-American United States prodigy wenniusi?weilian signed the contract. Nike in basketball with the Seattle small Ken?geli non-Superstars of the

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