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seafarers team has been signed; Reebok are found fulanke?

seafarers team has been signed; Reebok are found fulanke?zhamasi of the Chicago White Sox. Dallas Cowboys one-fourth guard teluoyi?aikeman is signing players from Nike; Reebok Wo Smith is known as the pitch lever Egypt signed the contract.But professional basketball competition is a real cruel battlefield, it is also a virtual global booth. In this bastion of Nike is a winner, it had made under qiaodan?bakeli and a adidas climacool boat shoes uk  dozen stars in it. Reebok also has some lesser-known players, such as savvy Seattle supersonic forwards Sean ? Kan Pu, but the contest is one-sided.Get Shaq, Reebok victory in this respect clearly superior. Shaq quickly became NBA superstars, and was hired as a spokesman for Reebok, he particularly attractive to young people who buy sport shoes. His modesty is striking: adidas basket profi up black he played the Orlando Magic battle in the spring when Michael Jordan's bulls, saying: "he is a Superman, I'm just a big boy. "He has developed multiple personalities of the public image. Teenagers love the rock world is "Shaq Daddy", as an actor, he had displayed

 a natural relaxed. Jimusi?molun said: "this man stands for today's social environment. He's strong but not coarse. He is a representative of the next generation. ”More important for Reebok is, Shaq brings over 18 years of age for it's popularity among teenagers, and most of these people used to be avid follower of Nike. This group accounts for about United States sports shoes sale one-fourth. This is a particularly notable and need to compete for positions. Shaq's charm Reebo2c compete in the heat of the battlefield has been a powerful weapon for the first time. ' Say: "who is ' never able at all times to get all the spleen, which is to make the game more interesting places. ”Tattoo mingzhi--entrepreneurshipThis spring, Knight has finally put his legs on the desk. Years Qian, he began hired some full enthusiasm of young men and women to acts as a he and retailers Zhijian of front liaisons, they was called "Eakin"--this is Nike on backer of called--they will explained products of function, check store kitchen window of placed situation,

 Word is put Nike of essence are to store of Manager and staff, these posts attract has many courage to pioneering, is loyalty of people, they in the most are is 20-something. Their loyalty has reached a very high level, a lot of people having the corporate logo tattooed on their body. Most people think of "v" logo tattooed on his calves or ankles, others stabbed in the shoulder. Some people get it tattoo on his inner thighs, when their strides logo can be revealed.As Knight spoke to anyone about his employees over the years when the company is so loyal he felt very proud. But he never thought of himself also tattooed the logo. This gang of young "reason" when they met him at the corporate campus often reminded him. This spring, Knight also won their pro-Pelosi, and a big "v". Has now appeared on his left calf.Knight despite the absence of action in the Nike company raises a tattoo boom, but in any case all employees to demonstrate the same "reason" are as fanatical dedication to the company. Company 74 acres of parks? there is Woods,

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