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five floors of Tobo Exhibition Center at all venues

 Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan, China, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, more than more than more than 20 areas of more than 400 exhibitors and more than 600 special decoration booth with Guangdong to five floors of Tobo Exhibition Center at all venues, and there are also two companies shared a standard booth in the exhibition situation. Said one participates regularly in various parts of China International footwear exhibition, adidas climacool ride cheap  such a vast range of exhibitors, has such a large portfolio of exhibitors and exhibits scale CantonSF2005 deservedly become mainland China's largest and most comprehensive range of footwear trade show!Overnight! Perhaps only the word best describes the CantonSF2005 current status of exhibition industry in China. But as the exhibition's organizer, Dana exhibition limited company officials don't think so: in the exhibition economy more and more mature today, in Guangzhou, China Expo – the most mature areas, overnight events supposed to be does not exist, CantonSF2005 is the industry's attention, with its inevitable factor in

which:First, Dana exhibition resource advantagesDana exhibition company is based in Wenzhou, an exhibition of local private joint-stock company, as part of the exhibition of the Wenzhou shoe industry association, more than 10 years of development history and footwear industries are inextricably linked. We not only held multiple sessions in Chengdu, Wenzhou and "Wenzhou international exhibition of leather," "Wenzhou international exhibition of shoes" and "the Chengdu exhibition scene", and would have to go abroad to adidas climacool ride womens  participate in the Italy Garda footwear exhibition, Germany GDS and other well-known international shoe fair organization roles. Dana exhibition successfully held CantonSF2005 is to integrate our shoe industry in China saved up for years concentrated burst of valuable resources! Just like "volcanoes" to explode sooner or later, naturally!Second, with unmatched extension and location advantagesBi-annual session of the Chinese export commodities fair, China's largest, the most influential trade fair for a wide variety of goods,

popularity of the flourishing and unspeakable business opportunities, a lot of related exhibitions "crowd" source, including as far away as Yiwu small commodity fair, not convergence, too? CantonSF2005 the opportunity to bang into the "big shots", and select the original Canton fair Hall 20th-Guangdong dongbao Exhibition Center last year and just and fair hats Pavilion (Hall 6, 7 and 8th) across the street, and there are footbridges link during the Canton trade fair, and distance from the trade fair recently, access to the most convenient footwear show! And our show surrounding buildings near the railway station of footwear, footwear wholesale market, this also ensures plenty of professional visitors at the exhibition.International standard silent advertisedWandering in the CantonSF2005 to five floors of galleries, feel as if I don't watch the show, but shoe shopping, the internationalization of the uniform design, a wide variety of all types of footwear, perfect feeling linger makes various services.

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