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professional shoes not only formed professional basketball

 luxury consumers has reached a total population of 13%. So, as March high-end market of professional shoes not only formed professional basketball shoes, and professional tennis shoes, and professional badminton shoes, and professional shoes, series, and each series are achieved has high school low-grade and taste, adidas climacool boat shoes uk  preemption "luxury Highland", full meet market needs; binaries shoes more is increased has new varieties, and new series, highlight has leisure of, and boutique of, praised design making of rigorous and perfect, Fusion comfortable sex and can wear sex of design style, focused on details of perfect and chic charm, in color Shang appeared has black brown match, color And children's shoes are introduced, or a lively, dynamic, or generous and lovely. While, this times fair adidas basket profi up black  products, tie binaries professional sneakers, and sneakers, and shoes won "China brand", increased has products technology revolution, in professional movement of, and comfortable sex, aspects for has new of attempts to, as, spring type power basketball

 shoes enhanced has bounce force; binaries fashion of sulfide shoes in the launched of professional table tennis shoes used has antibacterial, and affinity skin, and absorbent strong of help surface material and lining material; live nail shoes, used hi-tech of hard nails, put to performance more firm; professional tennis shoes more suitable movement, Care campaign to make people feel relaxed and comfortable in the summer campaign of Fiat; double star shoes toe, puncture-resistant, and protection against static electricity, safety supplies, and combine business and leisure in one of the upscale product.Binaries clothing more is stars shine, binaries sports clothing company launched of "pineapple cloth" material of running clothing and admission clothing, and leisure pants, products, to best of quality, and technology and avant-garde fashion of design, let young consumers, regardless of is movement field Shang, also is in fashion life in the, will has perfect of performance; binaries business clothing company and binaries qilong,

and binaries big state, and binaries zhongjie, and binaries Chengdu, clothing company are launched has high school low-grade of movement leisure products, to fabric novel, and color beautiful won has agent were of favored.From this time orders can be seen, Chinese sporting goods brands have increasingly focused on scientific and technological innovation, and further broke the monopoly of foreign brands. Believe that footwear market has intensified competition in the domestic war, double stage for "image of large department stores, shops, malls, high-tech, high-quality, high-image" and "sport movies" will make the stars success, towards a better future!Dana exhibitions by the Wenzhou shoe industry association, organizations, places such as Chengdu, Guangzhou, Fujian, leather and shoe industry association support, fall 2005 (Guangzhou) trade fair of footwear (CantonSF2005) on October 14, 2005 to 19th in Guangdong, Toho and Exhibition Centre has finally unveiled the mystery. At the scene, from Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong,

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