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affects the brand."How to restructure the market

a low price and then to the Internet phenomenon is not uncommon. Due to much cheaper online prices than offline, adidas amberlight up sneaker nd attract a lot of buyers. But because of the quality of these products is not guaranteed, the interests of consumers cannot be effectively guaranteed, multiple, frequent complaints directly affects the brand."How to restructure the market, traditional channels to assist healthy development, while continuing to develop its e-commerce, which is a difficult issue for us. "Hu June said.In this regard, Xie Yunli told reporters, "Belle Group has an advantage because around 10,000 direct dealership has a strict supply chain management system, which can effectively avoid the online and offline cuanhuo, fakes. adidas amberlight trainers  If online merchants are really selling at very low prices, that are obvious fakes. ”However, how to avoid online and offline goods and how to ensure the

 best interests of dealers and for most of the traditional companies, continues to be a problem.In addition, the shortage of qualified personnel is also seriously restricting the development of the industry. One unnamed source told reporters: "the traditional businesses want to tap the Internet experience is a real talent and know how to traditional industries is very difficult. ”According to the sources, Saint Angelo (28.70,2.30,8.71%) is a classic case of, their boss wants to do e-commerce determination is very large, but could not find qualified personnel.According to public disclosure of the message is displayed as early as 2007, 7, Saint Angelo group and Shanghai Bao bird apparel company joint venture Shanghai bird textiles, was founded, Bao bird technology unifies traditional channels and Internet direct marketing brand, used English name "BONO"."BONO"

 despite the preference of the group, many of Saint Angelo the original core resources, including: independent product design and development; industry resource control, backed by the Saint Angelo group, cooperating closely with leading suppliers, large back-office productivity, Songjiang district, Shanghai and Wenzhou, Zhejiang has two modern production bases and 10 world first-class production lines. However, BONO has not been satisfactorily developed."BONO has struggled to find the best management talent management look like change. Traditional business owner if you do not see the business effect of improving and changing, will direct substitution. "This person said, BONO senior substitution was the most sensational events, former General Manager of Yahoo China Tian Jian BONO served as the General Manager resigned in just six months. "At the moment,

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