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centres are responsible for coordinating operational

November, seven Wolf combined with IBM Corporation to build e-commerce cloud platforms. "This cooperation is the use of SAAS (software rentals) mode, IBM Web site-building, Wuxi operational centres are responsible for adidas original trainers uk coordinating operational and seven wolves are responsible for the supply of goods. "Hu June told reporters that" this mode of cooperation aimed at effective cost control, will attempt to minimize the risk of electronic commerce. ”According to Hu June revealed that current sales revenue from third-party platforms such as Taobao to seven wolves overall income is less than 3%. "Through such measures as building their own Web sites, supply chain management, we hope that in the next 3-5 years, e-commerce revenues, increasing its share to 10%-15%. ”Difficult troubles"The prospects are bright, the road has twists and turns. "Traditional vendors developing

 e-commerce ambitions but bitterness, use this describe fitting.China's e-commerce industry has more than 10 years of history, mens mizuno wave prophecy 3  early ahead of B2C companies such as dangdang, joyo occupation, after Taobao C2C emerged, followed by vertical B2C companies such as vancl, Jingdong Mall shootings. But these are genes with the Internet companies, markets and technologies of the Internet, e-commerce specialist overripe in mind.Even so, China's e-commerce development in the past ten years behind the United States and other developed countries, initially subject to immature market conditions, factors such as credit system is not perfect, development stable and have no regrets. For traditional corporations, the shortage of qualified personnel, technical vulnerabilities, as well as falsifying in the traditional industry, fakes, and other phenomena which restricts its breakneck

growth."Seven wolves is the biggest problems encountered in the process of e-commerce, commodity goods on the Internet, fakes, often sell at very low prices, affected dealer interest. "Hu June told reporters that" complaints from dealers, is a universal, inevitable phenomenon. ”In traditional industries, corporate management must be effective in brand management, product management and supply chain management and other aspects, and to guarantee a good dealer management system, to ensure that there are open channels. Even in the "King" in an industry, distributor satisfaction directly affect the survival of enterprises.However, China's brutal early e-commerce growth, especially individuals and to small sellers, much relies on third-party e-commerce platform line platforms at sale of counterfeits and unauthorized distribution, selling goods at

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