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directional, and more path" of meaning is, hundred Li group both

Xie Yunli told reporters that" after more than two years of investigation, Belle Group decided to ' shock ', to explore the multi-faceted, multi-path way. That's Belle Group when developing electronic commerce in traditional enterprises throughout the country leading an important reason.So-called of "multi-directional, mizuno wave prophecy 3 uk   and more path" of meaning is, hundred Li group both since built official website--Amoy show network; and in Taobao, and eBay network and took took online construction official flagship shop; also, hundred Li Group also reference traditional industry joined form attempts to oriented national network shopping platform started merchants, its six a brand: hundred Li, and days destiny, and he she, and SI Cato, and hundred SI figure, and Sen up, each 5 a brand became a joined combination.Groping the Stones River, Belle Group "multiple paths" is his "shock" at the beginning of trying to, can bring its different platforms of evaluation results and lessons learned for future big stride development, without losing the

opportunity. However, this is the "deep pockets" of traditional enterprises can do market research. MasaMaso leading menswear brand General Manager Sun Hong told reporters that "build their own e-commerce website, is a costly investment. For products of perfection, order and distribution system, and data tracking, data mining and other work to achieve effective, an e-commerce website put at least millions of millions of dollars of funding. ”This generous investment, is also a big challenge for traditional corporations. "Traditional companies although there is no shortage of funds, but their business ideas are different from Internet companies, more efficient input-output ratio, it's hard to in case of no influence of the order, was smashed into hundreds of millions of dollars. "People in the industry told reporters.For most companies, women's mizuno wave prophecy 2  by, Pat and other third-party

e-commerce site Taobao, first gropes for the accumulation of experiences, sentiment in the market, get sales, increase investment and build their own e-commerce site, represents a cautious path.Septwolves is the leading menswear brand, as early as two years ago, aware of the impact of electronic commerce on traditional garment industry, decide to set up shop on Taobao, touch the road."Taobao occupies about 85% market share of e-commerce in China C2C market, a huge amount of customers, maturity payment system and a full package of services. Taobao shop, give us effective sales. "The new channel manager Hu June septwolves told reporters that" the seven ones Wolf has become the champion of men's clothing sale on Taobao. ”Xin Yuan WeiHowever, for really wanted to for a long tradition of concentrated business e-commerce company, Taobao's weaknesses and disadvantages and it is difficult to ignore. With a large number of brands flocking to Taobao, the proliferation of distribution, single brand fast-growing benefits will be reduced.Last

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