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the traditional process of e-business is only just beginning

in. In addition, the lack of talents, technological system is far from perfect and so hinder traditional enterprise "electric shock" in the process. "We are thinking and looking for a disruptive innovation, has yet to find an effective adidas springblade razor uk  way. "Xie Yunli said.Long road ahead after years of confusion and exploration, the traditional process of e-business is only just beginning.Traditional concernsE-commerce is a revolution. Traditional businesses jittery, to follow suit, but the rise of several emerging companies.Vancl recently released data show that 2010 sales revenue exceeded 2 billion yuan. The company CEO Chen expects sales revenue in 2011 will continue to grow 200% to reach 6 billion yuan. Corporations the customer Eslite to achieve this goal, it means that in 2011 to sell 100 million items of clothing, becoming China's largest clothing brands.Speed

 development of emerging e-commerce companies will most likely force the Giants out of a number of traditional industries. In this connection, all traditional businesses are clearly in mind and don't take any chances."Long before 2008, Belle Group were thinking about the commercialization of electronic transition. "Xie Yunli told reporters that" after more than two years of investigation, Belle Group decided to ' shock ', to explore the multi-faceted, multi-path way. That's Belle Group when developing electronic commerce in traditional enterprises throughout the country leading an important reason.So-called of "multi-directional, and more path" of meaning is, hundred Li group both since built official website--Amoy show network; and in Taobao, and eBay network and took took online construction official flagship shop; adidas js wings 2.0 mens  also, hundred Li Group also reference traditional

industry joined form attempts to oriented national network shopping platform started merchants, its six a brand: hundred Li, and days destiny, and he she, and SI plus figureHC shoe network on February 12-stand at the crossroads of e-commerce, Xie Yun Li is both pleased and feel the burden is very heavy.Belle Group (BELLE) is China's earlier foray into traditional businesses in the field of electronic commerce. Xie Yunli Belle Group General Manager of e-commerce.Belle Group in the 1970 of the 20th century in Hong Kong, in 90 's by the famous shoe designer in Hong Kong, Mr Deng Yao, senior businessman of introducing mainland. According to relevant information, Belle Group has around 10,000 proprietary retail stores in China, has a Belle (Belle), Teenmix (destiny), Tata (he or she), Staccato (thought Cato) and BASTO (best picture), and other footwear brands,

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