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sales of more than 850 million euros in the global leisure shoe

 be satisfied.As founder and Chairman of the Group of the Geox brand, invented in the late 80 "soles of breathing" to start, he led the group with Italy for the base, built in 103 countries today have over million points of sale, adidas energy boost women  into the Geox Italy sales first, global sales of the second shoe brand. In 2010, Geox sales of more than 850 million euros in the global leisure shoe market share is about 14%, followed the first United Kingdom Shoemaker Clarks.Expanding a business at the same time, Mr Polegato's personal wealth has soared. In 2004, the Geox in Italy listed on the stock exchange, and now he and his family through a holding company, LIR 71% stake in the control group. In 2011, on the Forbes Global rich list, Mr Polegato with net worth of us $ 2.3 billion in Italy 9th place, the global No. 512.In fact, in the past two years due to the financial crisis, coupled with

 rising raw material prices in 2010, Geox sales volume in 2008 were reduced from the peak of 4%, while the share price is down more than 60%, which made Mr Polegato corresponding declines in personal wealth. But this, he said: "the financial crisis and the impact of raw material prices industry-wide face, if a problem exists on all companies, that wouldn't be a problem. "Perhaps, is relying on bones this optimism, persistence, and are not afraid of bravado, he was from a family of wine only a foot into the shoe, and achieve outstanding results.Family of red wine out of the inventorBecause of Geox sales network all over the world, he moved through the more than 30 countries, and a year to examine business around, but if I have a chance, he'll try to stay in Italy's home, old friends spend the weekend with his family,adidas energy boost running shoes  tasting Italy sausage, paired with a bottle

of their homemade wine.This leisure and he was related somehow. In fact, his family starting a vineyard and wine from the grandparents, now in seven local wineries, the three main brand with an annual output of more than 22 million bottles of wine. That is why, as the third-generation heir to family, he studied Oenology at the University professional and also received a degree in law, naturally spent his life after graduation. This also fulfilled his encounters with the shoe industry in the future. In 1989, he went to the United States to promote family wines, after the completion of a major stroke, he decided to go to the nearby suburb of outdoorsy hiking. Never think in very hot climates, impermeable rubber-soled sneakers make feet like a steam sauna. In desperation, he dug holes in the soles of ventilation used to carry a knife, which became Geox "breathable shoe

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