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still sells children's shoes."Apparel integrated process

brands and found that many children's shoe businesses are complaining about shoes integration difficulties, adidas climacool boat shoes uk children's clothes sell, lax Terminal promotion and children's clothes, simply do not wear, still sells children's shoes."Apparel integrated process resulting in the throes, many distributors and terminal that sells children's shoes for many years, and suddenly want to take share of selling children's shoes to try to sell children's clothing, there would be a backlash. "Ming Wei baby camel said that" integration of children's shoes, equivalent to smacking children's shoe brand chess game, the cost is too high, middle and lower reaches would have considered their own risks, and this is by far the biggest problem in the industry. Children's clothing is not hard to do, just what we want to do, want to fight. ”It is worth mentioning that, many children's shoe brand the company and Distributor, Terminal

 brand management concept is not uniform, shoes integration policies could not be landed, upload down not up. Analysis of the adidas basket profi up black  industry, children's shoe brands on the operating system's contradictions: Corporation brand, make long-term money; distributors trying to make quick money; terminal just to sell more goods, regardless of the goods sold.Faced with this problem, Ming Wei Xiao camels head, integration of children's shoe brands shoes and garments to shift from product management to "heart" on the operation. "Integration to children's shoes mentally help establish, the concept of consistency. Shoes must know how to make upstream company satisfied the integration promotion, you want to keep your partner satisfied, you want the retailer to your satisfaction. To give everyone ideas, upload issue. Only in this way can make shoes service integration. If Corporation a

promotion plan, distributors forced to receive downstream terminal simply does not do the promotion, you will never be able to complete the integration of apparel. ”"Wholesalers primarily engaged in product and brand to make everybody cosmos. "Ming Wei baby camel said.Integration of children's shoes to change views is importantAs a less mature market, children's products market has grown into a large brand wants to split the cake. Original children's shoe brands on the market not only coveted for a long time, one or two lines of sporting goods brands in adult and children's wear saddle shoes item, expect a stake in children's products market. But many children's shoe manufacturers are trying to extend the product, known as the integration of apparel, from shoes to wear, to the accessories of the product, may well be to toys, stationery and the like

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