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common characteristics of these enterprises are simultaneously

full agent brandsNow the shoe-making enterprises in Quanzhou, agent for foreign brands as the main operating businesses at least three easy group of the project, such as sporting goods, Tai Shing group, common characteristics of these enterprises are simultaneously hold three or more foreign brands in the hands, and has his nike sb eric koston 2 max cheap  own shoe factory as the basis.At present, three Shu group agent brands include: United States "playboys", and France, "crocodile", and Italy "Kangaroo", and the United Kingdom "England". Michael a. Ledeen agent brands include: United States "camel", "joy", "Kangaroo", and the United Kingdom of "shengfulai". Tai Shing group agents include: "Bugs Bunny," "Altman" and "Powerpuff Girls" and "Spider-man" series of children's groups such as the familiar cartoon character brand.In an interview in the course of these three companies, reporters

 found that the three companies have a common goal, namely enterprises by depending on their own on the basis of existing manufacturing plants, by agents operating overseas brands, they accumulate a wide range of resources, discount nike air revolution sky high  over the brand of professional management companies. And its long-term goal is to build their own brand.It is understood that the San Shu group currently has four foreign-branded sports shoes right to produce and sell in China, all brands of varying periods of acting period.For selected agent for foreign brands and market competition, President Chen Shuhuan has his own Sanshu long-term planning. In his view, the operation of foreign brands while upfront license fee is not cheap, but rather than create their own high-end brands need to invest huge promotional costs, is also profitable. Enterprise Agency big brands to accumulate their own market and lay a solid foundation and can do more in future marketing and branding, business model by creating multiple brands, build its own century-old shop.Mode 2: brand concurrently

acting to achieve strategic goalsIn the shoe industry in Quanzhou, multi-brand companies operating there are many, such as step, helping friends, foot, etc, but business models have different features. These enterprises in addition to agency management of foreign brand, but also operates the brand. Agents of foreign brand market strategies for different purposes.Xtep (China) Ltd in addition to operating its own brand "xtep", there are also agents of the United States, "Disney Sports" and Spain "Colin" brand. As a fashion sport in the domestic leading enterprises in the market, especially step also diversified "Disney Sports" and "Collins", aimed not only for immediate profits earned from foreign brands.Xtep, flowering quince, Deputy, said Disney's position in the international market is family entertainment, while xtep entertainment fashion movement,

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