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international market began to focus on the domestic market

 the sporting goods industry, the actual control population xtep wave venture at the age of 17 years old, is combined with two friends to collect 1500 Yuan started at that time. However, with the expanding domestic demand for adidas energy boost 2 cheap  sporting goods, especially step started using "two-legged" walk, in the international market began to focus on the domestic market. Xtep international experience in solution development, modernization of own factory production, use contacts to solve the distribution channel, stars as the spokesperson, in entertainment marketing ways to promote their brands, the differentiation of brand promotion strategies pursued by the market.Of course, special steps, adidas tech super 2.0 sale  after all, is a sports brand, it is impossible to entirely out of sports marketing. In October 2004, officially signed on as the tenth National Games sporting goods industry-only partners,

 while Jiangsu, people's Liberation Army delegation sponsored award equipment. With excellent performances in ten games, step on the industries and sports brand has been greatly promoted, officially entered the first group of Chinese sporting goods.Currently, xtep international sports brand products development, production and sales in one, own brand xtep, Colin and Disney sports series of brands of Chinese concessions. Last year, xtep international turnover of 1.36 billion yuan. However, the Ding waves recently said xtep international will further intensify the development of own-brand, gradually reduce the OEM business share of company revenue, "2007 was 7.8%, this year's goal less than 2%, the future will fall to around 1%. "Ding Shuibo said.When it comes to listing benefits to xtep international, an industry source said, to, initially adopted by the family business, gradually improved in recent years, and the listing will help enterprises to establish modern enterprise management system, on the raised funds conducive to the future

 sustainable development of enterprises, and by way of focusing on acquisitions, accelerate the pace of xtep international growth for global brands.Since 2008, as the dollar continues to depreciate, resulting in production of raw materials, such as oil prices continue to rise, many, including sporting goods manufacturing sectors are getting hit. CCTV economic channel shortly before the survey also shows that many small shoe-making enterprises in Jinjiang have varying degrees of loss, within the industry reshuffle is inevitable. Xtep international successful IPO at that time, would have enough money to make acquisitions.Xtep international source told reporters that the money raised by, there will be some 24% for acquiring brands and new projects, about 22% media advertising and brand promotion activities about 17% to expand and improve the network of distributors, some 19% as inputs to expand garment production plant."Acquiring brands target the brand clothes, shoes and other outdoor sports, brands will take into account both inside

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