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appearance quality there is an increasing trend

soles when grinding, and the press is not in place, leading to open; the second is the sole material recipe is not reasonable, with a low resin content, lack of flexibility.Appearance: 2008, 2010, 2013, appearance quality there is an increasing trend. 2013 be qualified mainly a random appearance in that low rubber outsole and salomon speedcross 3 discount  yellowing phenomenon. GB/T15107-2005 across from the sneakers for appearance quality standards such as leather, fabric, upper thread, outside the midsole, outsole has a specific requirement, the unqualified enterprises not according to standard production or lax on standards implementation.Wear resistance: 2010 wearability unqualified accounted 20%, leading to failed mainly because of the project, some companies will travel products making too light, soft, and wear resistance is neglected, such as EVA foam material in the heel for easy wear

 parts such as, resulting in unqualified sole abrasion.Spot check analysisBy over sneakers products supervision checks results cheap adidas climacool ride  known, in recent years China sneakers products rate high, are in 95% around, but still exists some problem: a is resistance folding performance needs to be improve, although sneakers products overall level has improve, but resistance folding performance quality upgrade slow; II is production enterprise and not qualified enterprise concentrated Yu Fujian province and Zhejiang Province; three is and enterprises compared to, not qualified enterprise concentrated Yu small and medium enterprise, small and medium enterprise development not stable, enterprise owner no long-term of development planning, Alone product hit the market price, in order to gain purchase cheap cheap cheap raw materials, product quality assurance, and seriously disturbed

market order.Product quality is one of the reasons some companies not complying with the standards of production; the second is not quality testing, some companies although there are detection equipment and detection capabilities, but did not play a role; third, some companies not strict for raw materials, leading to substandard products.In addition, the shoes lack of supporting the development of the footwear industry in China technology research and development centers and technology intermediary service organization, footwear design, basic research is still very weak, Kinesiology, biology, new materials and other related research on application of comprehensive technology in footwear design almost empty. In addition, footwear does not have compulsory standards, together with most of the enterprise's quality awareness was relatively weak, few concepts of

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