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concept. On one hand, Quanzhou traditional "sports major"

 length can also be makers of shoe last longer. HC shoe-v, undergoing an adjustment period of the sporting goods industry, needs some excitement, stir the lackluster market. This summer, coincidentally, all major brands saw a public demand for point break fitness, a storm of outdoor sports concept. On one hand, adidas energy boost 2 cheap  Quanzhou traditional "sports major" announced March outdoor leisure sector or even developing outdoor-only brand on the other, from the "authentic outdoor" springs which made its prices, different programs for all kinds of professional sports theme set, repeated subdivision results in the market, even the children have specialized cycling equipment.Traditional sports brands opens up new front in"We can find that major professional sports had been emphasizing sports brand, now in the direction of leisure is extended. "Industry marketing analysis of

 Huang Wenhui," special step of ' runners ' is an example, in addition to companies such as Anta, peak in the category of distribution is also focused on strengthening "casual" the word products is no longer confined to the field of professional sports. Meet the needs of the mass market, significant increase in the percentage of sports and leisure products. Styles of shoes, running shoes, and other products as far as everyday casual wear on the move. ”"Around 2008, group holiday, look down and see, about ten pairs of shoes sneakers might be seven pairs, sneakers, running shoes, casual shoes will each have two or three pairs.adidas tech super 2.0 sale  Market acceptance of differentiation determined the changes in marketing strategy of sports brand enterprises in China. "He said."Is not difficult to find in recent years, traditional sports brands in product development, in product

 promotion to increase the ' outdoor ' this keyword is used. "People in the industry say, such as a peak this year of" series of outdoor mountain fleece jacket "pitch emphasizes outdoor colour matching design methods with high recognition, stressing the warm air is both waterproof and wind-shelter effect, suitable for hiking and other outdoor recreational sports. "Sport is not to be done outdoors?" This person said, and from this point of view, sport and outdoor concepts can be fuzzy."Today's outdoor sports is no longer a professional sport has become a popular fashion a way of life. And outdoor consumer has become important part of household consumption. Many outdoor sports brands are increasingly focusing on product specialization to mass change, this is the current trend of outdoor sports market. "Operators said that popularization of outdoor products, characteristic

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