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standard, which is widely used throughout the country

control, improve product quality, it also creates an independent lower and lower, thereby constraining the industry's further development.Product standards and analysis of key indicatorsStandards and the overall situationChina's original implementation of GB/T15107-2005 sneakers sneakers product standard, nike sb eric koston 2 max cheap  which is widely used throughout the country, but the standard only defines the appearance and physical properties of detected items, lack of concern relating to safety, hygiene, health, environmental protection and ecological projects. With the development of shoe-making industry and the improvement of people's living standard, the standard is not suitable for industry demand, in 2011, the national technical Committee of standardization of shoe the GB/T15107-2005 standard of the sneakers was revised. New revised standard GB/T15107-2013 of the sneakers was released on

October 10, 2013, discount nike air revolution sky high  implemented on June 1, 2014, the standard increases the limits of limited material and other content to adapt to technological advances, changes in market and consumer attitudes, will further promote and guide the development of travel industry in our country.Analysis of key indicators1. appearance quality shoes with fashion style, fine workmanship, quality materials, meets the needs of people in their capabilities to attract consumers. Visual quality will directly reflect the quality of the shoe to consumers, consumers by observation and comparison of the senses can determine its strengths and weaknesses.2. resistance folding sex capable of folding performance is characterization into shoes soles whether easy fracture, help surface material whether easy appeared crack surface, and crack pulp, help late or late wall whether easy open of indicators,

 resistance folding performance not qualified of shoes in wearing process in the most often occurred of problem is soles fracture, and help surface crack pulp, and crack surface or help late, and late wall open, problem.3. outsole abrasion resistance abrasion resistance are important indicators for checking resistance of sole material, which directly affect the wear life of the shoe. Wear resistance is at a certain time and load, standard grinding wheel is used to test and measure the length of the wear scar.4. Peel strength Peel strength is the characterization of the upper to the outsole adhesion important indicators of colour fastness, is checking the adhesive and factory processing of test items, directly reflects the end of help and color fastness of bonding.5. the outsole with external bonding strength outsole and midsole midsole gluing strength indices, represent the shoe's outsole and midsole bonding interface bonding

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