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performance of many enterprises, reducing foreign workers

foreign clientele is dwindling, many customers are not coming anymore. "Nanyuan road, a store clerk said.Confucius said, under the influence of economic conditions, the city nearly two years of poor performance of many enterprises, reducing foreign workers, part of the fixed source leading to a loss.Reporters were randomly interviewed more than more than 10 users, 70% netizens replied: "in the past, like domestic nike sb eric koston 2 max cheap  brand, but now I rarely wear clothes, buy also buy some combination of casual outdoor sportswear. "They said, while domestic brands at half the price will be lower than imports, but quality and style are also less, sets a year cannot wear sport wear, or should we" buy one another ".It is understood that those who would like to buy products of the public as they grow, reasons such as changes in consumer habits, to buy foreign brands such as adidas, Nike.Shopkeepers

 said, shop, competitive pressures, discount nike air revolution sky high  the impact of rising business costs, reductions in fixed source, mass consumption trends and other factors, have all contributed to the domestic campaign brand met with cold reason."Problems of high inventory is the largest sports brands, thus solving the inventory problem is priority for the sports brand. "With industry analysts point out that, over the years, blind expansion of stores, expand capacity, resulting in domestic sports industry brand was eventually caught in dilemma of high inventory and low profits.Looking forMore viable method of promotionRecently, our six major domestic sports brand company's 2012 annual performance report have been revealed. In the whole of last year, of which five brands closed up nearly 5,000 homes.Experts point out that right now the plight of Chinese sports brand, is not so much suffering,

 "winter", rather than "late" description is more appropriate because it is a maturing a harbinger for the industry. From the flock and then selectively exit, is the path of development of many industries. However, this year the situation is still grim, coming two to three years was expected to continue for a period of adjustment. In this process, some don't adapt brands will be phased out, but good enough business to survive, will again dominate the market."We'll continue to do it. "Mr LEE believes that domestic brands in order to get out of trouble, need to do technical innovation never stops, a clear brand positioning and image, to compete with foreign-brand differentiation. Furthermore combined with its own operations, also needs to strengthen its internal management, improve the quality of sales personnel, while looking for more practical method of promotion,

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