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Enterprise supply chain integration service requirements

 procurement and supply processes rely on the human experience, purchasing both the lack of an effective platform for communication and co-operation, no uniform standard for vendor management, Enterprise supply   cheap adidas f50 adizero fg   chain integration service requirements few. Xtep, such as Anta sports goods enterprises had invested heavily to build a supply chain platform. Tens of thousands of apparel enterprises in Quanzhou, who do not have the financial means to hire "supply chain keeper", small and medium, small and micro enterprises are also desperate to find managed supply chains. In view of this, enterprises using the latest cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet technology to build the nation's first apparel industry supply chain cloud platform. From production planning, progress tracking, order management, logistics and distribution, full inspection, settlement of accounts,

and so on, to achieve full process service. By standardizing production processes, achieve standardization, nike magista opus fg cheap  institutionalization of the procurement process."Quanzhou majority of apparel supply chain management, supplier performance assessment relied on human experience, there is no data, there is no uniform standard of evaluation criteria, resulting in procurement the parties generally inefficient. "Through the platform of the vendor file, a business can suppliers imposed stricter performance appraisal system. Takes this realization of supplier's survival of the fittest, to assist companies to find the most appropriate vendor partner. HC shoe-v, HC Web hosting shoes 2013-2014 shoes industry brand exhibition with Chinese named officially kicked off on July 1. The brand event award to "casting classic brand ? total win shoes industry future" for

theme, is specifically for business shoes industry upper and lower tour Enterprise build of brand show platform, each enterprise through this platform not only can and industry expert, and peer enterprise "Huashan on the sword", while also can met more of dealer, and agents, and business shoes industry upstream, and downstream enterprise, show enterprise products, and brand, common discussion industry development trend."Top ten children's shoe brand""Top ten children's shoe brand"Now to get to 30 competitive voting phase, up to 3rd, "children's shoes in the morning" has received 5632, an ebullient! Voting period will close on September 29, keep it up!Guangzhou morning children's products Ltd was established in 2004 and is focused on children in the operation, brand planning, product development, channel management of professional children's enterprises, "shoes

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