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all over the world's 900 vendors, exhibitors showcased their latest

 outdoor movement Association) last year of business income for 4.8 billion euro, growth 3%, however which led market development of main products has no longer is outdoor movement coat, but function sex sneakers, adidas zx flux womens  this class products market needs high, but its market leading enterprise is is not Germany manufacturer, but also also production backpack and the hiking with trousers of Switzerland manufacturer Mammut.Recently, Germany fujishafen of Lake Burton exhibition, attracted people from all over the world's 900 vendors, exhibitors showcased their latest outdoor products, but exhibitors are considered future prospects than before.Another sporting monopoly chain Intersport KlausJost, General Manager, service provider, has reached the peak of the market, difficult to record in the future. JackWolfskin General Manager MichaelRupp also noted that outdoor sportswear

 market in the future is to continue to expand, but the competition is becoming more intense, which will lead to weaker manufacturers out of competition.HC shoes network, Smart dressing facilities are very popular in recent years, adidas zx 750 sale  but for use by people with disabilities, or not much. Blind and still need a cane or a guide dog to lead the way, which is quite inconvenient, but today this shoe LeChal, would allow blind people to walk unaided.This smart shoe, designed by architect AnirudhSharma, smart shoes called LeChal, India for the "take me there". Main goal of designing this shoe is leading the blind to its designated location, while avoiding the potential for collision and obstacle avoiding, and so on.Shoe LeChalShoe LeChalLeChal smart shoes designed for joining in a shoe shock components and smart phone links, along with GPS location tracking. When the

Smartphone by navigating detects the user's direction, turned to when in need by shaking the corresponding element, to remind users to turn left or right.While shoe LeChal also carried out through the front of the sensor to tests, and sensors that can detect obstacles from outside 10 feet or 3 meters, to remind the user in real time, as well as shelter.Smart shoe LeChal was not immediately clear how long will be listed, however the design team is designing shoe style, to produce a fully functional at the same time, on the appearance of the shoe and the same shoe. India LVPrasadEyeInstitute shoe LeChal are being developed and tested, as well as in improve shock components and GPS software for collaborative work.HC shoe-v, Mexico's Finance Minister announced Lewis, Mexico's Federal Government will be signed to non-FTA countries producing footwear products

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