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modified, dispose of replaced goods sale, this is Belle's

 good drink, bad drink poured away. From the design, procurement, production to support the suppliers supply stores, only half of the future throughout the supply chain, and the remaining half depend on replenishment. nike sb eric koston 2 max cheap   Once sold quickly to catch up to form a "tap water mode." Design and sell immediately modified, dispose of replaced goods sale, this is Belle's "tap water supply chain."But in such small quantities produced, frequently changing, its underlying design, production costs are high, don't you? " You produce about 10 pairs of shoes at a time, and sold 9. Producing 100 pairs of shoes at a time with you, but only sold 50 pairs, which is more expensive? " Professor Han said Belle's production line is mixed production line, an order, despite the different styles of shoes, put them in a mixed production line, greatly speeding up the whole process. Shoe, from

production to sale, only the fastest for more than 20 days.It is undeniable that Belle's single pair of shoes may be more expensive to produce, but its pricing is also very impressive, but even more impressive is its sales, Belle sold out a quarterly rate of 80%, this sold out rate is enough to make many shoes and garments in Quanzhou enterprises "envy" the power of information technology supply chain transformationThere is precedent for this success in the former, Quanzhou apparel businesses naturally want to harass, discount nike air revolution sky high  Professor Han contact recently with a number of apparel enterprises in Quanzhou, combs for its supply chain. But because of information technology has become the focus of supply chain transformation.This point with some e-commerce enterprises in Quanzhou's supply chain services different song with essence. Early, by ZTE communications its full funding

 subsidiary in the sea Silk Road and Amoy shoes network strategy cooperation of Fujian a products Ka supply chain management limited profile debut, aimed at for market supply chain end of "pain points", through specialization of supply chain system and the e-commerce trading platform, full integration local industry chain resources, remodeling shoes clothing industry of commercial mode, and operations mode, and management mode, formed to e-commerce ecological circle for core of shoes clothing industry Union."The brand of enterprise based on the need to find the most suitable suppliers, thereby reducing costs; materials providers and processors and downstream enterprises to improve their efficiency, avoid poor capital returns ... ... This is where the actual needs of the supply chain. "One good, said Jia Zhuang Weixiong, head, Quanzhou apparel industry a lot of enterprises

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