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products, under the brand name calendar by "top ten children's

for five in Guangdong Province", "China's top ten children's shoe business" one.On the product side, with industry-leading design team in the morning, in the children's shoe fashion studies degree has a high reputation; adidas energy boost 2 cheap   development of new products of more than 2000 styles per year, covering leisure, sports, outdoor, baby, shoes, campus a variety of styles. Based on certain achievements in terms of products, under the brand name calendar by "top ten children's shoe brand" and "2010 most valuable Chinese footwear children's shoe brand" such praise.In terms of marketing, morning built into sales, marketing, channel management, marketing, integrated marketing team, has established a nationwide retail network in 20 provinces, and provide goods for retailers across the country, logistics, promotion, promotions, exhibitions, multi-directional support.Mornings are

 morningkids fast fashion shoes, adidas tech super 2.0 sale  accessories sales, reform our outdated baby shoe retailing, for more products and to provide consumers with a more pleasant shopping experience and create more value for their growth and synchronization company's greater vision and future. HC shoes net news, consumer spending in terms of outdoor sport is equipped with a year in Europe amounted to tens of billions of euros, of which Germany accounted for about 2.5 billion euros, Germany citizens spend on outdoor sports is higher than in other countries. Germany outdoor markets over a long period of substantial growth in successive years, which, especially in sportswear are top sellers. Now almost every German would have at least one thing for outdoor clothes, waterproof and breathable jacket, in which case, Germany outdoor clothing market is becoming saturated, outdoor clothing sales

 declined.First half of the year, Germany sporting monopoly chain SPORT2000 's revenues fell by 9%. AndreasRudolf pointed out that its General Manager and plethora of market saturation, as well as suppliers, prompted the outdoor clothing market to increased competition, currently on the market but the consumer familiar famous outside Salewa and outdoor clothing manufacturers such as JackWolfskin, Schoeffel, outdoor sportswear clothing manufacturers such as H&M also started to seize the market.Outdoor sportswear is usually expensive, every few hundred euros, and many hundreds of euros. Previously, to outdoor sports coats, for example, manufacturers can earn from sales per 10 Euro 4 euros, and in the face of fierce competition, the market profit margins are falling.Nonetheless, by European outdoor movement manufacturer Alliance established of EOG (European

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