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they are red, a large backlog of inventory."There's a clothing

 or will become a reality.Stock footwear and clothing industry "psychological problem"In recent years, with astounding boom fade, undesirable consequences of blind expansion of some enterprises are emerging. Streets, and "limited-time sale" "sale prices" similar signs are everywhere. A brand at hundreds of stores, salomon speedcross 3 discount   or even thousands, and there were seven or eight of them which are flat, even if they are red, a large backlog of inventory."There's a clothing brand for our management consulting, it turns out, their inventory of more than 100 million Yuan, one season only sold 20%, and there are many such enterprises. "The Director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of industrial management and Design Centre, Chinese University of science and technology management college tutor, Managing Director, greater China of the international supply chain Council and Technical

Committee, cheap adidas climacool ride  Chief expert Han Yongsheng and he usually springs for the apparel industry to provide supply chain management consulting and integration services.In his view, the current inventory of apparel industry's biggest task is to, "brand companies to change their concepts, franchisees don't make final sale ends, only the final sell only sell. "To be effective to inventory, and not simply to" prices "dumped goods can reach, reform is the fundamental strategy of the supply chain."Tap" supply chain: how to build"' Water ' is the best supply chain. You do not need to drain tank, how much how many and how much. We supply chain as well as tap water, in case of guarantee efficiency, consumer needs, we produce, inventory will not produce. ”South Korean professor said sounds very reasonable, but brands currently operating stores would not be "running water", it was to hold

the faucet water. Consumers to the store-if you don't see the goods, turned around and left. Even advance orders of Internet sales, consumers have placed an order, if you exceed the time limit do not receive delivery, he was never again to the shop to place an order. If there was plenty of waiting for consumers to buy goods, how can we determine what kind of goods you can "hot?" once you sell wrecked it in hand, stocks will rise again. This seems to be an endless loop, real success stories can you have?Really, not to mention foreign brand, the famous shoe brands Belle model of supply chain may be able to provide references for enterprises in Jinjiang. Professor Han and Belle had many years of experience, according to him, Belle of ordering cycles are in units of days to weeks, rather than in units of half orders. Its whole supply chain is like wine, pour a little,

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