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acid II methyl ester that was "seconds killed".As we all know

acid II methyl ester that was "seconds killed".As we all know, shoe dryer is a common use, how can we effectively stop the dimethyl fumarate "trail"? Inspection and quarantine of export of footwear manufacturers in Suzhou in the Census with a desiccant, content search and title survey asking suppliers not containing buy ray ban wayfarer sunglasses dimethyl fumarate statement, desiccant components classified on enterprise registration, regular testing. In 2010, the Bureau security projects such as dimethyl fumarate 250 lots, with excess dimethyl fumarate are not found.Technical services to solve quality problemsIn September 2010, the Suzhou Bureau of inspection and quarantine inspectors to some learned through corporate governance, ray ban aviator sizes uk the production of PU midsole rubber shoes vulcanizing after leaking serious, leakage rate exceeds 30%. This puzzled the business for a long time, it is difficult to solve. Inspectors immediately to explore solution with enterprise technology and quality sectoral policies, inspection companies in hand, common studies the process of product

design, production and quality control processes and critical process, look for leakage causes and solutions. Final adjustments to the process order, on the original process is to help, after sticking waterproof seal, then place the vent line, to first stick waterproof seal, then uppers, sealing behaviour with a hammer to beat and put the vent line. New technology for a month, after several inspections and tests and successfully solve the problem of rubber boots leak, product qualification rate increased to 97%.Enthusiastic support, perfect interpretation of the inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Suzhou-friendly service concept, help businesses successfully deal with foreign technical trade measures. Welcome is for 2010 as a whole did not recall occurred, claims and return an event, to add a dash of colour to the vigorous development of the Suzhou Industrial Park. Related tipsEnter the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, footwear production enterprises should attach great importance to and actively. Enterprise products

 of own production and importing countries should be compared with legal and regulatory requirements, match, to take the necessary control measures. Enterprises with testing conditions, diagnostic testing; enterprises do not have the test conditions can be through third party agencies on its products to troubleshoot detection, identify weaknesses and take prompt measures. The material does not meet the requirements of, should choose alternative materials in a timely manner, avoiding damage and negative effects, and strictly in accordance with the technical regulations and standards of production, must not lose sight of any one tiny part. Inspection and quarantine departments should develop targeted testing, and enhance the detection of toxic and harmful substances check, remove safety hidden trouble of quality.Quality assurance starting from the technical process design, process design is crucial to the accuracy of the production process, a new process design must be tested, to be 100% accurate before going into production.During the process of supervision, inspection and quarantine departments should play to the technological advantage, dedicated services, guidance and business technicians to discuss

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