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profitability will exceed last year by more than 600 million Yuan.In a

945 million dollars. In contrast, although there are still gaps on the turnover, but Li Ning, Anta profitability will exceed last year by more than 600 million Yuan.In addition, Anta's 2011 orders orders in the third quarter over the same ray ban tech sunglasses cheap  period a year earlier, about 20%, which also more than Li Ning, had been on "third-quarter and fourth-quarter order growth rate will not be higher than the previous two quarters," expectations.Number of stores gap narrowed significantlyDespite starting later than Li-Ning, has been listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2007 Anta growth cannot be ignored. According to press ray ban wayfarer sunglasses ebay uk reports the data as of 2010, Li Ning has a number of stores more than 7,900 in 2010 and Anta, the number of stores has increased to 7,549, with Li Ning, the gap narrowed significantly. Gang said independent review team in the industry, in terms of earnings, Anta running ahead of Li Ning's almost every year.In contrast, after experiencing storm early last year for the subject, Li-Ning's recent performance is not large

 improvement, company earnings estimates for this year are not encouraging.Despite often being compared with Li-Ning, Anta does not recognize the competitive relationship between the parties. Yesterday (February 23), Ann stepped sports PR Manager Yuan weishi in accept daily economic news reporter interview Shi said, although with at a industry, but due to in brand positioning, and channel mode and enterprise development stage Shang not same, so Ann stepped does not put including Li Ning zainei of "peer" considered competition opponents, "do himself, as long as each a years are than Shang a years better on line. ”But such "low-key" attitude of Anta, does not hide ambition. At the 2010 annual report released on that day, Anta sports, Chairman of the Board and CEO Ding Shizhong was announced to the media company "universal store plan", said Anta sports under each brand's

 total number of stores will have the opportunity to break through the 10,000.Competition is heating upAnta profitability thanks to a strong performance of its rapid growth in the number of stores.Data show that as of 2009, the total of 7,249 stores lining, Anta at 6,591; by the end of 2010, Anta, the number of stores has increased to 958, but the number of new stores will be far higher than Li Ning.Magang said at a deeper level, stores must have rapid growth in the number of sound channels as a safeguard. Li Ning and Anta's competition is just a microcosm of Chinese sporting goods market in smoke.According to data from the daily news reporter learned that over the past 5 years, the Chinese sporting goods market is growing at an average annual rate of more than 20%, to 2010, the domestic and foreign brands more than 40,000 stores, two or three consumption capacity has been fully explored. Earlier, Li-Ning executives have said, the company will be in 2011 the consolidation of distribution channels. Magang

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