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said that as China's sporting leader, Li Ning's move is actually

said that as China's sporting leader, Li Ning's move is actually a signal is released: integration of Chinese sporting goods market will usher in a full stage, sporting goods industry rely on new store openings, "violent growth" era will be ended, but battle will be further exacerbated.In domestic brands compete for women's ray ban jackie ohh sunglasses  an increasingly competitive situation, adidas and Nike have also previously directed two or three lines of the Chinese market. Magang said, "the next battle is heating up two or three markets, sporting goods brands or will enter a ' life or death ' stage. ” HC shoe network on March 3, Suzhou Jinji Lake is located in the East of the beautiful and enchanting, stroll through Lakeside, clear water and blue ray ban justin sunglasses cheap sky, green land and even shade, guided by high-tech, modern industry as the mainstay of televisions, tertiary industry and social welfare undertakings located on Jinji Lake, Suzhou Industrial Park, classical and modern, Eastern and Western, humanities and technology pavilions, attention.Footwear industry isn't technology, but

as a special industry is deeply rooted in the industrial park, the fertile soil, Park brings together sports shoes, safety shoes, and anti-static footwear production more than 10 enterprises, gradually formed a high-quality, high-grade, high-value Shoe chain, with annual exports amounting to 100 million dollars.Sirens warning NIPFootwear particularly large amount of glue used in the production process, a footwear company in Suzhou one day's consumption of 550 kg. Plenty of organic solvents in the glue, some solvent-Europe and the United States severely restricted, RAPEX-CHINA system has excessive levels of benzene in the glue had informed China's exports. Administration of inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Suzhou textile inspection warning whistle, the glue to be "special attention" to remind enterprises United States apparel and footwear Association restricted substances list (RSL) and the European Union REACH regulations; troubleshoot footwear businesses use of glue, especially shoes and shoe manufacturers, focus check ingredients,

drying time. At a sneaker manufacturer, Inspector Chamberlain really a problem has been detected, she found the company in mixing gasoline and xylene as solvents in the glue, while the product drying time is short, glues of xylene nonvolatile.Zhang knows dangers of xylene and pushing companies to improve glue formulations. Tested enterprise chosen 120th industrial gasoline as a solvent, solves the problem of high content of p-xylene in glue, meanwhile, accepted Xiao Zhang suggested that in packaging workshop, add a toaster, products by oven drying full, complete elimination of no volatile solvent and take preventive measures, improved product safety.Sniper dimethyl fumarateRich horse acid II methyl ester is a bio killing agent, main effect is prevent mold growth, the material had as desiccant large using, but its security increasingly by Europe, country of concern, EU 2009/251/EC instruction provides, rich horse acid II methyl ester content over 0.1 mg/kg of products shall not entered market, instruction once issued, rich horse

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