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the reduced discount activities dealing with inventory, increase in hi

 the reduced discount activities dealing with inventory, increase in higher-margin retail business, as well as cost reductions.Sporting goods market watchers culture believes that judging from greater China, adidas has come out of the ray ban large metal aviator uk  recession of 2009 trough, 2009 adidas some dealers have closed hundreds of stores, 2010 adidas increased its retail stores is not obvious, in this context, adidas performance depends mainly on existing stores growth, this is not easy.Market participants said Chen Shixin, in 2010, the Fujian sports brands such as Anta 20% per cent growth in average income, domestic brands "leader" Li-Ning (02331.HK) revenues grew 15%, adidas greater China sales have bottomed out, but discount ray ban sunglasses online compared with the sports brand in China, there is still a certain gap.Said Chen Shixin, calculated in accordance with adidas greater China sales of 1 billion

euros, or about $ 9.1 billion yuan, Li-Ning's revenue in 2009 of 8.39 billion yuan, according to 15% growth is expected in 2010 reached 9.6 billion yuan, more than adidas.Compare with Nike, adidas also have some gaps. This reporter's statistics, from December 1, 2009 to November 30, 2010, Nike's revenues amounted to $ 1.864 billion in greater China, or about 12 billion yuan, such as seating, adidas greater China revenue ranks behind Nike, Li Ning, in third place.Magang think adidas to achieve a breakthrough in the Chinese market, in addition to upgrading the performance of existing stores, but should also focus on emerging (32.090,-0.23,-0.71%) category of revenue contribution, such as female and male fitness and sporting goods. Magang said that traditional sports category is very mature, promotion points is not much, and the competition is fierce, and fitness sporting

goods and so on is a new category, meet the needs of urban commuters spend upgrading, profit margins are larger, and fewer competitors.HC shoe network on March 3 while Li Ning, Anta and have never started a confrontation, but the "fight" for a long time. As recently Anta Announces 2010 results, comparison with earlier forecast issued by Li Ning, Anta net profit is expected to be much higher than its former sporting "big brother" Li Ning. Li Ning, Anta last year net profits or ultra 600 million.Anta sports (02020,HK) has announced the 2010 annual performance report. Data show that 2010 Anta 26.1% to 7.408 billion yuan turnover growth, gross margin increased to 42.8%, profit attributable to shareholders rose from 24% to 1.551 billion yuan.Li Ning (02331,HK) not yet published results, but the company said annual forecast released on January 17, 2010 "2010 overall gross profit margin and net profit margin of the Group closely in line with 2009 levels", according to Li Ning's 2009 annual revenues of 8.38 billion, net profit of

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