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at past data, we can see that shoe exports this year "potential violen

 at past data, we can see that shoe exports this year "potential violent." Last year, the city's inspection and quarantine departments test exported 601 million pairs of footwear, goods worth $ 2.399 billion, increase export volume ray ban large metal aviator uk and value than-8.9% and-6.8%. Insiders believe that spring shoe orders are leaps and bounds this year, in addition to overseas markets, a more important reason is that since last year, the city's shoe by carrying on Guangdong's bankrupt shoe orders, overseas business institutions, such as new ways to explore the origin.Late last year, through friends introductions, discount ray ban sunglasses online a sporting goods Trade Department as Manager of the company in our city in Guangdong, to undertake a number of bankruptcy orders. He told reporters that currently carrying on Guangdong's transfer order has been accounted for by enterprises with a total order book of nearly 30%, although the decline in orders from abroad, but this shoe collapse of orders, overseas orders for their business to make up for the shortfall.Women's sharp increase in the

 proportion of ordersThe increase in exports benefited from the expansion of customer and customers face expanding forcing rich shoe styles. Last year, the city's few exporters mainly sport shoes, business shoes in order to grab a slice of shoes popular in the Guangdong region, has been shifting, or extended to the field of women's shoes, casual shoes, even the upper reaches of the shoe business have long been prepared shoe materials, playing this "cake" idea."Trying to develop production of women's shoes is the target enterprises a major restructuring this year, the company plans by the end of the women 's, orders to account for more than 10% of total orders. "The transition from originally only sneakers this year, based on product orders for different reasons, any manager has made a steady transformation in such a decision. He told reporters that the sports shoe factory in coastal areas currently being gradually transferred to Jiangxi, Sichuan and other inland areas. This year, especially in the rapid development of transportation

 and inland sports shoes enterprises product price advantage will be more obvious. Sneakers, shoes manufacturing process is more complex, and more profitable, so many enterprises in Quanzhou was actively trying to transition production of women's shoes, shoes, casual shoes are expected to become municipal shoe enterprise development direction in the future.Production process requires a higherIf thought to be over an order of Guangdong region, that will go into production errors. In fact, not all orders for the city enterprises "taste." Industry insiders said, in terms of production, the production of women's shoes and sneakers are very different, see from the tests, women's fast-break, Peel strength, hardness, wear resistance performance linked to higher requirements. "Once the heat did not reach production requirement or does not meet the standards in the production process of shoe adhesives, they might be mass women's open set aside. ”In addition, Guangdong "carved up" order not only enterprises in Quanzhou, and Wenzhou,

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