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time of the phenomenal growth of the company, most of the major

time of the phenomenal growth of the company, most of the major foreign brands are struggling, including double-digit declines in sales for adidas. Peak's story highlights two points, one is the growing importance women's ray ban jackie ohh sunglasses of China's consumer class, and second, a number of competitive domestic brands to emerge.If you want to know how to pick developed into a powerful sneaker, the key is to pick not looking where to buy shoes. In big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, you probably can't find a peak shop.Instead, the peak is two or three-tier cities and the rapid expansion of the town. In these markets, the country's largest sports shoe companies such as Nike and ray ban justin sunglasses cheap adidas are afraid to set foot in.Peak is like guerrilla warfare, to powerful foreign rivals big cities and specialized occupation of inland market--where the residents ' income has reached a critical juncture. These old people in poor areas, now have the financial resources to take a vacation, purchasing home audio systems and brands of shoes – and they also carry out the

wishes of the consumer. HC shoe network on March 26, Ron shoe material strengthening cooperation with scientific research units, the introduction of high-tech talent, large scale of investment, project, Jinjiang industry-driven, perfect Shoe chain, have made outstanding contributions to the development of the new materials industry of Jinjiang.It cooperates with several car seat manufacturer, to enter "auto attendant" area to waterproof, wear-resistant high-quality automotive leather, in the market place, as well as the Shanghai World Expo dynamic multi-media theater with leather seats."Micro fibre leather is the most powerful enterprise product, but it is the least profitable, Jinjiang brand for quality and the physical properties of demand is particularly high, our costs are very large. We take the road of brand, tailor-made for brand products, even if unprofitable must stick with it. ”In Jinjiang, the leather market, just lift microfibre on the lung, people in the industry had to thumbs up, zezechengzan.Because, its micro fiber

 products are the world's most advanced synthetic leather products, since 2004, it entered Fujian, fills a gap in microfiber technology within the province, to further improve the Jinjiang footwear and apparel industry chain, have made outstanding contributions to the development of the new materials industry of Jinjiang.Shanghai World Expo has its shadow"We have cooperation with the Shanghai World Expo project!" Cannon Microfiber on Wang Zhandi, Deputy General Manager of Fujian province told reporters excitedly. "Cannon Microfiber on multi-media Theater seating with leather material for the Expo. "Microfiber on the lung, the debut of" Expo "stage, the brand and the product itself is a good publicity. Also, this Microfiber on the long March home "auto attendant" small market, with the participation of devotees.According to Wang Zhandi introduction, as car seat material, Microfiber leather materials tend to have higher requirements, flame retardant to meet not only the Sun and these two prerequisites, and after much testing identified before

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