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Hongxing Polk Vice President Wu Rongzhao told Oriental entrepreneur

"Hongxing Polk Vice President Wu Rongzhao told Oriental entrepreneur.Wu Rongzhao explained that after years of development, oakley big taco sunglasses ladies lots of shoe-making enterprises in Jinjiang is located in the domestic battlefield, which makes it less dependent on imports and exports of the whole industry chain on the ground, from raw materials to finished products can be produced locally and supply, thus forming a "closed loop". The other hand, unlike the European and American markets, pure cost and price of Chinese products in the domestic market, local similar enterprises adhere to the line brand, which had a more important oakley ten sunglasses price source of profits--brand value. This entirely inward-looking industrial orientation makes the Jinjiang and Wenzhou as the two different meanings of "shoes".Hongxing Polk is the first Jinjiang footwear companies listed, in 2005, successfully landed on the Singapore market. Has always been considered a "throwaway" smacks of, but given the hard times in the macroeconomic, as a family business, "two-headed" Wu Rongzhao was lucky."It was financing some

 200 million Yuan, we have used the money to open up channels, promoting a brand, the introduction of equipment and personnel. But the outside world ever thought about, if it is doing the same thing today, and how much it would cost? "Wu Rong Zhao broke his finger and said, inflation can only increase costs, not to mention cost CCTV's advertising three years ago how much cheaper than they are now," bought us time. "After listing in hongxing Polk, belong to Jinjiang, Anta and xtep and capital market, their goal is not only beyond our own first sportswear brand Li Ning. Although most of these companies is a typical family business background, but now both in the introduction of professional managers, or the advanced experience from world-renowned companies such as Nike, adidas, shows himself a strong open and strategic.An interesting detail is that when it comes to Jinjiang rather abundant resources of overseas Chinese, said Wu Rongzhao, does contain many returned overseas Chinese investment, but they tend to focus on short investment

 period, such as real estate, chemical industries with high returns. "Local businesses still focused on his main business, brand," Wu Rongzhao told me, he rarely heard of their peers go to real estate, to buy stocks. I'm afraid this is another different enterprises in Jinjiang.Rare "purgatory"Wu Rongzhao early years studying in Australia, successfully won a MBA degree, he returned to his country, along with big brother star Polk assisted his father, hung for years. Listing in hongxing Polk, his father withdrew from the management, and handed power to the company's operation and management the brothers. Hongxing Polk is now has the largest line of shoe-making enterprises in the local, as well as own-brand the largest production scale of enterprises.It is said that production in hongxing Polk on a pair of sneakers, will use more than 100 many kinds of raw materials, involving more than more than 30 suppliers and processors and, therefore, has a bit of trouble on the economic environment, each link in the chain is looking at hongxing Polk such

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