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cycle also on compared long; another category called big line

cycle also on compared long; another category called big line, processes Division short, security is according to sales terminal of rates feedback, which a paragraph shoes sold have good, on immediately starts production, oakley sunglasses discount singapore completely is market oriented."This big assembly line to adopt models and Spain famous casual fashion brand ZARA is somewhat similar," Wu went on to say, "as you can imagine, if you outsource manufacturing, we market it is impossible to react so quickly, because first you have to take the orders in the foundry house and get in line, oakley ladies commit sq sunglasses and work would be able to meet our design requirements also say. Design, which focuses on the brand construction ... ... Zhang Tao put the chain on the Division of labour as "made in China" competitiveness. "In the case of manufacturing margins, only to play chain synergies, can we improve our bargaining power. "Zhang

Tao said that the bleak economic environment this year is the" made in China "an opportunity to prove himself.Guest member of China garment designers Association Working Committee the Executive Pan GuoxiongMember of China garment designers Association Working Committee Executive Cao QinghuaLi Ning (China) sports goods Co Ltd developed version professional manager Bao LiangLong before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China making some new trend has aroused widespread concern in the industry. For example, a large number of Board Division have readjusted their focus and started also offering sportswear, casual wear form factor design. Even more directly to join sporting goods company, to concentrate on starting a sports expert playing Board Division. In costume form factor design, some played Board Division also will function more or less seasonal occasional Strip into a fashion plate, and also with sports and leisure clothing floor, precise, sharp direction. These stylish atmosphere, this Board Division, invited a number of the most representative

freely, for Board Division Olympic era after China's prospect and the new trends in the Chinese clothing, they have put forward their views.With the coming of post-Olympic Games, China's garment Division starting from sports and leisure clothing overall playing board break allows us to see them alive and vibrant. In particular the emergence of various new sport lifestyle so that people higher demands on the quality of movement.China "plate"Chair: sportswear for the functions of the human body needs and requirements will be higher in the on, and it became a post-Olympic competition of Chinese masters playing board key points. Do you think playing board masters to win this competition, have any tips?Bao Liang: in fact, for clothing, it is mainly reflected in the core competence on the plate. China clone of the Board Division is a process of Miao Hong, for original rationally we still lack a lot of the clothing line. Is like being a problem, although we will use a formula, but we don't know how this formula was formed.I use a more technical

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