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enterprises."The pressure is bound to be," admits Wu Rongzhao, "

 enterprises."The pressure is bound to be," admits Wu Rongzhao, "but our advantage is not available to the others. "In Wu's view, has already formed a very healthy industry cluster of Jinjiang, first of all raw materials not controlled by oakley sunglasses holbrook ebay  others. Getting confirms this view in Ding Youyi. According to Ding said processors like him, accept each month hongxing Polk such audits of large corporations, if the product has flaws, next month would cancel its delivery status. Ding Youyi said that his factory had been hung sing Polk had bright red, but corrected in a timely manner to restart "induction"."No way, supply chains are very sophisticated, they are not securing a replacement. "Leading business was very strong, oakley sunglasses fuel cell ladies and processors of raw materials is an important reason, mostly from the former provision. "They're very high quality requirements on raw materials, processing is basically buying then turned over to us. "Ding Youyi said.Internal layout, local procurement, Jinjiang, this is one of the many sports brands and domestic brands

 differ significantly. Once in Lenovo served up eight years of Ann stepped Deputy President Zhang Tao is Jinjiang Department enterprise in the first a has Dr degree of career managers, he reference has Yangtze River School Professor Xiang Bing, of a views: China manufacturing of next layout should is "chain on chain", that stick original of manufacturing links, while to industry chain upstream and downstream March, thus upgrade on whole industry of bargaining capacity.This bargaining capacity let Ann stepped, and hung star, grams, local well-known enterprise has has enough of maneuver space should side of greatly small of supplier and processing commercial, this apparently is Nike, and adidas such of global company by cannot reach of, because which of supply chain throughout global, although generation workers capacity are is strong, can once suffered Viet Nam type of financial crisis, vulnerable sex on will immediately appeared, and this and returned to a most original of problem: production manufacturing links the shouldn't

outsourcing?Zhang's answer is somewhat "reserved", and he read me a hanmosi (Richard Hames) in the global leadership of the five body qualities of words: some people believe that globalization strategy can be summed up in one word: outsourcing. Running a multinational corporation can't possibly be that simple, and it is not an optimal choice. Outsourcing is a centralized, operation strategy from top to bottom, by dealing with non-core project work to a third party to save costs, and audit the third party the sole criterion is: save money. Especially in competitive markets, outsourcing is a primitive tool not satisfying.Obviously, this is not just about experience, but stressed the lessons.In this regard, the Hung Sing Polk's answer is clear: no! Wu Rongzhao for example said, currently hung star, grams has two class line, category called small line, processes Division detailed, specifically is responsible for from annually once of channel commercial Assembly Shang of orders, this orders on products of seasonal requirements not is high, production

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