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redefinition of the proportion and distribution, is the perfect


 redefinition of the proportion and distribution, is the perfect combination of aesthetics and movement.Host: oakley sunglasses frogskins clearance  on Olympic competition apparel design in the past, the Olympic movement elements and elements is mainly reflected in the sportswear of collision, on the mosaic effect. At form factor design of the year: is there any breakthroughs?Cao Qinghua: there are many. Such as clothing with a wide neckline, dropped shoulders and tailoring, short-sleeve or long-sleeve appeared to highlight the exaggeration. There is another type of popular is the "mix and match", this type of clothing has no particular form requirements, along with product specific styles vary.Chair: their representativeness is reflected in what place?Cao Qinghua: adidas sportswear, more use of drop-shoulder, kimono oakley sunglasses flak jacket cheap sleeves, body-linking sleeve, as well as three-point design. Cowboy line of CAPA is used more, and focus on functionality of the garment.After playing Board Division of the Olympic eraModerator: General Board Division in the community with "blue collar" appellation,

 also gives a feeling of pure technology, frameworks. Does this hinder China's Development Division at the Olympics after playing Board?Pan Guoxiong: Yes. At present, the domestic garment enterprises playing far less attention than the designers of the Board Division, Division of home plate and his monthly salary abroad falls far short of the industry. Also the overall momentum of the Board Division and individual ability. At the national level, our rare brand with its own Board, "labels", such as the tag removed, consumers are also really bad to identify their brand names. Brand not to form a plate-type features while playing Board Division nor the formation of personal style, sentence: brand and sheet in the Auditors ' performance in the product without the "intersection". No independent Board specialty in universities, vocational training courses and mixed. Enterprise instant success, studies in the not paid much attention to. In fact, the confidential job board Division is a brand, clothing's shape can be copied, but its something like a

secret recipe, almost too.A few years ago, domestic fashion industry has embarked on an academic dispute on fashion and technology. There's one thing we have reached a consensus: all the art is on the technical means of achieving perfection.Host: do you think post Olympic era, people would have to move life gradually improved and review sheet Division on this career?Pan Guoxiong: should be like this. 2006 China garment designers Association Technical Committee was formed, it makes domestic garment technicians have a sense of security. This sense of security not only stems from the industry's recognition and income protection, more importantly the Group began striving for their own social status.Long before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be held, some trends of China Board Division caught the industry's attention. There are quite a few teachers adjust their playing Board focus, starting also offering sportswear, casual wear form factor design. More directly to join sporting goods company, to concentrate on starting a sports expert playing

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