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term, for example. China Board Division most lacks is the amount of

term, for example. China Board Division most lacks is the amount of space between clothing and human body measurements, there is body static to small States, and to a large extent awareness campaigns around the oakley racing jacket sunglasses for sale State space of the change. Now, international fashion casual sporty form factor research has positioned on different exercise conditions on the solid model.Host: so, entering the post Olympic era, the core competence of China's fashion industry is still reflected in the playing Board on the discovery and cultivation of talents.Bao Liang: Yes. Look back at the history of world development, each technological revolution brought the garment industry a qualitative leap. oakley sunglasses radarlock path singapore Therefore, the art and technology by comparison, a new technology would be more likely to pull the garment industry ahead of the wheels, and the adjoint of the emergence of new technologies is often a history of fashion guru. Therefore, I personally think that China Board Division must be good at learning. There are a lot of architects complain about playing board

 here, complained that there actually temper their own individual skills more than anything else. Mining and cultivation of talent, I think playing Board Division's initiative is very important.Our technical personnel training and is far less emphasis on foreign countries, have a lot of problems, such as the Chinese data measuring input is not, as well as "foreign monks will chant" mentality exists. Reflected in form of sportswear design, expert Board Division of apparent absence. Playing Board Division, cultural background, personal qualities and needs to be improved. We should refer to the playing Board as academic research, constantly looking for new topics.Host: China sportswear form factor for, what do we need to strengthen?Bao Liang: since we do not have their own prototype boards, so Chinese-style tailoring data formulas and to use Japan "cultural" prototype cutting Board Division, we've been in a passive state. We most need now is "China plate" appears.2008 fashion "Board"Host: we see that in the games, there is

a new phenomenon, many international fashion designers have cooperated with international sporting big. Such as Yohji Yamamoto and adidas, PUMA sneakers and makekuien cooperation works very stylish. Through the 2008 Beijing Olympics, what Board Division, we can draw some?Cao Qinghua: you say sportswear fashion trend is one aspect, 2008 's most significant of all was the fashion trend of sports. But my point is, sportswear and fashion are required to have a degree. Like at the Olympics, tennis skirt is too short, some gymnasts tights too tight, there are volleyball players ' shorts are too "mini", from the engineering point of view of human motion is not scientifically justified. Board Division which is China should be strengthened. In the era after the Olympic Games, combined with the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to promote "sport for all" new concept of sportswear on the plate will make new breakthroughs. For example, it is no longer a conceptual change size every six, but a new profile, is a bust, waist, wide hem, shoulder, such as the

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